Gumtree To Paint Australia Green With Seven Figure Brand Campaign

Gumtree To Paint Australia Green With Seven Figure Brand Campaign
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Gumtree has launched a national brand campaign that will touch nearly three hundred large format sites across Australia, underpinned by a million-dollar spend that the company says is the first major step in restoring Gumtree as one of the country’s most loved brands.

The campaign, referred to internally as paint Australia Green, simply invites customers to shop Gumtree and Gumtree Cars before they buy, and focusses heavily on outdoor across every major capital city and regional areas. The campaign will be supported by a digital component.

Gumtree CEO Tommy Logtenberg said Shop Gumtree is a simple idea but speaks to deeper changes within the business. “We are unashamedly going after Australia’s shopping public, and this campaign has been designed to remind them why shopping with us isn’t just a good option, it should be their first option, whether looking for a new bed, a car or a surfboard,” Logtenberg said.

“This campaign is big and impacting, and that reflects the changes we’ve been making on the business. We’ve been investing heavily in user experience, in safety, in upgrades across the board, and this campaign speaks to all of that”.

Gumtree Trade Marketing Manager Aaron Thomas lead the project, bringing in creative consultancy We Meet at Last, and strategist, Gary Peace to partner on the campaign. “We’re giving consumers a new way to think about Gumtree, as well as a new reason to try us,” Thomas said.

“Internally, we’ve been referring to the campaign as painting the country green because we have secured close to 250 large format sites and 1304 bus shelter sites nationally. This is not a small-scale approach”.

“The seven-figure investment will deliver more than 120 million impressions across Australia. It’s a strong, practical demonstration of new leadership within the business and a shared goal of reaffirming Gumtree as a loved and trusted Australian brand”.

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