Grill’d Offers Free, ‘Healthy’ Fried Chicken To KFC Employees In New Campaign

NOVEMBER 17: Grill'd targets fried chicken giant KFC with a Guerilla marketing campaign to launch its new Healthy Fried Chicken Bites on November 17, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Asanka Ratnayake for Grill'd)
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Australian restaurant chain Grill’d has today announced the launch of its new Healthy Fried Chicken (HFC) Bites with a campaign that ‘flips the bird’ to fast food giant KFC.

During launch week, from 17 to 22 November, Grill’d is offering all KFC employees free HFC Bites when they visit a Grill’d store in their uniform, under the belief that “everyone deserves natural and tasty, healthy fried chicken”.

Building on the momentum of ‘Trump’d’, another recent Grill’d campaign in the lead up to the US election, where campaign posters depicted Donald Trump’s addiction to fast food with the words ‘You are what you eat’, Grill’d is taking another poke at the fast food industry—this time via a tactical, nationwide campaign targeting KFC employees.

Media trucks will be positioned outside KFC stores in Sydney and Melbourne with the words, “Dear KFC employees, you get free HFC” and a call to action for KFC employees to head into their nearest Grill’d restaurant in their KFC uniform to receive free Healthy Fried Chicken Bites.

Street posters will also surround KFC store sites nationwide with the words, “Everyone deserves Healthy Fried Chicken”, “Don’t eat the dirty bird”, and “We use RSPCA approved 100% chicken breast”.

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Grill’d founder Simon Crowe said: “We are doing what we have done for many years for burgers, now for fried chicken.

“Investing in quality ingredients is an investment in our health and we’re biting back against the myth that fried chicken can’t be healthy.

“There’s a new, healthier player in the fried chicken game, and it’s about time.”

The launch of HFC marks yet another innovative move by Grill’d as it continues in its pursuit to provide Australians with satisfyingly guilt-free, healthy options.

Grill’d has invested time and research into creating a product that is ‘clucking’ simple but superior in quality and significantly lower in kilojoules than other fried chicken options from fast food giants.

The company claims that a 100-gram serve of Grill’d HFC Natural Bites contains 25 per cent more protein, 47 per cent less total fat, 42 per cent less saturated fat and 36 per cent less sodium than McDonald’s McNuggets.

And a serve contains 33 per cent less kilojoules, 58 per cent less total fat and 47 per cent less sodium than KFC popcorn chicken.

The new HFC Bites come in Natural or Sticky Honey Soy and are 100 per cent natural just like the rest of the Grill’d menu with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

HFC Bites are also gluten-free, cooked in Australian extra virgin olive oil, and made with higher welfare RSPCA approved chicken breast, which is free from added hormones and chemicals.

Featured image source: Grill’d/Asanka Ratnayake

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