Government’s Anti-Ice Campaign Is Actually Working

Government’s Anti-Ice Campaign Is Actually Working

Independent research by market research consultancy Stancombe into the first instalment of the Coalition Government’s ice advertising has praised the campaign.

The research surveyed 3,805 people about the ads: 2,126 young people aged 14-25 and 1,679 parents of young people aged 14-25.

The report found that:

  • 94 per cent of youth who saw the campaign said they’d taken some ‘action’ as a result – either by talking to peers or their parents, or by changing their thinking about ice. 
  • 51 per cent of at-risk youth who had seen the ads said they would now avoid using ice – a fantastic result.
  • Recognition of the advertising among youth considered to be ‘at-risk’ of accepting drug offers was a whopping 80 per cent.”
  • ‘Parents who recognised the campaign were significantly more likely to have talked to their children about drugs’ (67 per cent compared to 52 per cent among those who did not see the ads).
  • Some 53 per cent of youth and 56 per cent of parents recalled seeing advertising about illegal drugs this year – the highest result ever from National Drug Campaign research.
  • On social media, 10 Facebook posts have reached nearly 13 million people; 15 tweets were seen by 2.73 million people and nine YouTube videos were seen by 4.25 million people.

“I’ve always said this problem needed to be attacked from all angles – prevention, treatment and policing – and this independent research confirms this part of the Coalition’s prevention strategy is effective,”  assistant minister for Health Fiona Nash said during the launch of the second instalment of anti-ice ads.

“Advertising alone will not fix the ice issue, but it’s an important plank in the platform.”

The second instalment of ads represents a $4.3 million investment.

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