Goodoil Films, Heckler & Jim Jam Go Behind The Scenes For Tourism Tasmania

Goodoil Films, Heckler & Jim Jam Go Behind The Scenes For Tourism Tasmania

Exposing the secret treasures that Tasmania has on offer as a destination state, Goodoil Films director Justin McMillan and Heckler editor Andrew Holmes have teamed up to create a sumptuous and earthy brand film for Tourism Tasmania via agency Jim Jam.

Celebrating Tasmania’s gifted locals, artisan culture and sweeping, untouched landscapes, Stories Told From The Inside Out saw both McMillan and Holmes go behind the scenes to bring to screens the widely untold spirit of Tasmanian life.

Blending together eight local craftsmen’s stories, including a cheese maker, beekeeper, whisky distillery owner and oyster harvester, the brand film ties the separate Tassie tales together to offer audiences a rich and rhythmic narrative that encapsulates the state and its unique yet connected regions.

“What initially attracted me to the campaign was its culinary focus and my sneaking suspicion that Tasmania hasn’t quite yet been exposed for all it has to offer,” McMillan said.

“This film scratches below the surface to take you on a journey, ranging from the east coast to regional Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston, and when it came to filming these destinations, food was a really suitable conduit to take us on that voyage.”

McMillan admitted that the people and their stories were another strong drawcard, stating that their honest confidence, Tasmanian pride, and humble attitude towards being globally-awarded provedores was telling of the love and passion they collectively shared for their produce and craft.

Shooting for 12 days with director of photography Jason White, McMillan and the production crew shot using an Alexa Mini camera and a drone.

McMillan then fed his rushes back to Holmes, who was eager to focus in on the most authentic moments found in and around the more traditional campaign shots.

“The fun begins when I can pull out the strong storytelling moments, and for this film it was all about putting the audience directly in the driver’s seat – as though they were right in and amongst the gritty action of this unspoiled and ruggedly handsome landscape,” Holmes said.

“Working with an incredibly passionate director such as Justin allows us to push the creative boundaries and feed off each other’s energy to create something truly epic.

“I’ve never seen Tasmania promoted in this way – here in Australia or overseas – so it was an honour to be a part of such a landmark piece of film.”


Client: Tourism Tasmania

Creative: Jim Jam

Executive creative director: Andrew Crocker

Production: Goodoil Films

Director: Justin Goodoil

DOP: Jason White

Executive producer: Sam Long

Post-production: Heckler

Executive producer: Will Alexander

Head of production: Aborah Buick

Producer: Amy Jarman

Lead editor: Andrew Holmes

Editors: Corey Farrell and Yavor Dimitrov

Colourists: Greg Constantaras and Clement Bouchet


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