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Business leaders around the country have two main things on their minds this year, how to maximise growth in a time of general economic slowdown and how to finally, actually and seriously this time get their first-party data in order.

Tealium, purveyors of the finest Customer Data Platforms (CDP) on the market is hosting a Breakfast Club in Sydney later this month and in Melbourne in June, with senior industry leaders in attendance learning how to make their companies stand out from their rivals in a challenging year.

There are just a handful of tickets left — but we can give you a sneak peek into the topics Josh Slighting, head of product, REA Group Ltd; and Nick Dennis, regional vice president, solution consulting, APJ at Tealium will be talking about.

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Succeeding In A Data-Driven World

Australia is shifting towards a digital and data-driven economy and businesses need to get on board before it’s too late. The government’s Towards 2030 strategy wants to position Australia as a global leader by the end of the decade — but that’s seven years away.

In the meantime, businesses can steal a march on their competitors by adopting the right approach to data. It’s also essential that the different elements of the business are aligned and, more importantly, that they buy into the company’s approach to data.

That’s not all, however. Josh and Nick will be able to expand on all the different facets of the digital transformation that businesses face — and what will happen if they fail to transform.

Changing Approaches To Privacy

Privacy is becoming increasingly important to consumers and legislators alike, with changes to the 1988 Privacy Act expected to come this year and a seemingly constant drumbeat of data breaches.

A CDP can seriously improve your organisation’s privacy controls — everyone knows that. But Josh and Nick will explain why CDPs are mission-critical for business, regardless of what sector or field they operate in.

The pair will also espouse why ensuring your business gets its privacy controls right at the first time of asking — or privacy-by-design — is not only a nice-to-have business attitude but a commercially essential one.

A CDP, while protecting privacy, can also give businesses a powerful means to differentiate customer experience depending on a customer’s privacy preferences.

Lessons Learned And Lessons Shared

Nick and Josh will also be sharing the lessons they have learned in their own work with CDPs.

The pair will also talk about their own journeys with tech and the lessons they have learned such as why REA chose to invest in a CDP and how it has improved its business and what steps organisations can take to get ready for adopting a CDP. They will also talk about the challenges that CDPs can solve for businesses such as ensuring compliance with privacy rules and allowing data to be shared across functions and departments.

Josh will also be able to discuss the how, the when and the why of CPDs. Josh will touch on the value they bring to a business — in a purely economic sense and in a broader, cultural sense — and the cost to businesses if they delay getting a CDP. Plus the skills that your organisation needs and the team you need to build to successfully deploy a CDP and to make the most of one.

And finally the use cases for a CDP from sensing an opportunity to change your customer data approach, to grabbing the lowest-hanging fruit and picking up any loose cents that might be knocking around. But, more importantly, how to deploy your CDP for the broadest possible impact — transforming your company’s approach to data.

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