Get Tipsy Before The B&T Awards And Make The Night Way More Fun

Photography by andre&dominqiue

Following on from Tipsy’s success at several Australian and New Zealand awards shows, the event-based tipping app is set to give the B&T awards some extra excitement and fun.

Tipsy is a free event-based tipping app created by Special Group and Nakatomi that lets you pick winners during the awards night for the chance to win $1,000 cash.

Players select the pieces of work they think will be the most decorated, and score points each time their chosen work wins an award.

A live-leaderboard on the night will show each user’s total accumulated score and where they rank amongst other Tipsy players.

Whoever ends up on top wins the cash prize.

The competition is open to anyone who wants to play – even those who aren’t attending the night’s event.

DDB NZ creative director, Brett Colliver said: “Tipsy is a genius addition to award shows. Even if the beers are warm, your dinner is cold, and none of your work wins anything, the night is still guaranteed to be fun.”

Special Group Sydney ECD, Tom Martin said: “Tipsy’s a great way to make more of an award night than just waiting for the results of the category you’ve entered.

“Suddenly every result in every category matters to you because it’s all part of the game.”

Tipsy is available for download on the app store now.

And the very very very final tickets are available for purchase here.

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