Gap Kids Causes Fury With Sexist Clothing For Toddlers

Gap Kids Causes Fury With Sexist Clothing For Toddlers

Gap UK is in the shit again as another one of its clothing lines draws criticism, this time for being sexist in a selection of its Gap Kids ensembles. In the news most recently for its apparently racist clothing campaign, Gap is no stranger to the wrath of Twitter, and it sure copped it for this new gaff.

The clothing in question showcases two outfits – one for boys and one for girls – and makes a distinct comparison between the two genders in its clothing choices.

The boy wears a blue t-shirt with an image of Albert Einstein on it, the caption reading ‘The Little Scholar’, and the description suggesting, “Your future starts here. Shirts + graphic tees = genius idea.”

The young girl, on the other hand, wears a pink shirt, accompanied by a caption that says, ‘The Social Butterfly: Chambray shirts + logo sweaters are the talk of the playground.”

“Absolutely incredible,” U.K. Parliament member Chi Onwurah wrote on Twitter. “It’s 2016, we have a skills and productivity crisis and [Gap] is perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

Meanwhile, female-focused STEM networking group Science Grrl also pointed out the irony that Einstein appears to be misspelled on the boy’s T-shirt – although not any more on the brand’s website.

Naturally, the rest of Twitter also went for the jugular on this one:

No word from Gap as of yet on the toddler tees.

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