“The Future Of Web”: Smart Video Australia Unveils World-First AI Tech

“The Future Of Web”: Smart Video Australia Unveils World-First AI Tech

At ADMA Data Day, Smart Video launched a breakthrough, world-first marketing technology in the form of personalised video campaigns.

Smart Video Australia CEO Rodd Martin spoke at the Sydney event yesterday after launching the technology three weeks ago in New York, and the audience was on the edge of their seats.

“Personalised video technology really is on a major trajectory right now, not [only] in the world, but here in Australia,” he said.

Smart Video has created personalised video campaigns for multiple companies, including Ladbrokes and HSBC – both of which have been extremely successful in engaging customers.

Martin said that in one campaign, the customer was personally placed in the video several times.

“The Ladbrokes campaign featured multiple personalisation points that literally placed the viewer inside the video story,” he said,

“Over 90,000 customers heard their names voiced by Mad Max: Fury Road star Richard Carter. This all resulted in video play duration analytics running off the charts.”

Other campaigns that were rolled out in 2017 saw success for other companies like Virgin mobile, NIB health insurance, Australia Post, and more.

Additionally, anyone who buys a new Toyota car will now receive a personalised message from the Toyota CEO, who recorded saying hello to 3,300 names.

After trialling the personalised video in South Australia, participation went up by 300 per cent, according to Martin.

Now, the team (led by Martin and co-founder Francoise Gelbard) is building on those successes to take the next step and break new ground in Australian (and global) data-driven martech.

This February, they launched a breakthrough, world-first marketing technology. With AI and machine learning driving the tech, the real-time personalised video assistant is set to revolutionise online customer engagement and acquisition.

Basically, this means that customers can essentially have a real-life experience with a real-life person online. 

And the team launched this data driven AI support assistant at the ADMA Data Days in Melbourne and Sydney. It will also be marketed as AI Automation Labs in the US and UK, and you can also experience it for yourself here.

“As customers are migrated more and more online, the challenge is [maintaining] a personal relationship with them,” Martin said.

The AI assistant will help customers with claims, questions, applications, joining processes, and more – just as if they were talking to a real person.

In the UK, 63 per cent of people are willing to purchase a product through a chatbot, confirming they are the future.

But this is different than a chatbot, Martin re-iterated. This personalised video technology is automating a real human – the videos aren’t pre-loaded and require the customer to keep entering their details and engaging with the video to continue.

“We’re talking about completely immersive, hyper-personalisd conversational websites,” Martin said.

“This is going to be the future of web.”

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