Forget Gen Y, X And Z! Gen C Is The One You Want!

Forget Gen Y, X And Z! Gen C Is The One You Want!

You’ve heard about Generations X, Y, and Z, but what about Generation C? Generation C is a whole new group for brands and marketers to consider. John-Paul Syriatowicz, Group CEO of digital company Squiz, explains why this is one group of consumers you can’t afford to ignore.

Generation C is the new breed of customer that will change your marketing strategy. Unlike Generation X, Y, or Z, they’re not defined by age, but rather categorised by living and breathing technology, and spending significant amounts of time seeking out content.

Generation C is a force to be reckoned with; commandeers of the digital world, driving culture and commerce through a range of digital pursuits. Its demographic is a unique blend of 16 year olds who have grown up with computer literacy, to a senior who has caught up with status quo and is now shopping online, editing films, and updating their Facebook page like a pro.

Watching the way Generation C interacts and makes purchases is essential to understanding how to best gain their attention. What used to function as the “one-size-fits-all” shopping journey has transformed to today’s “custom made” customer experience, changing the marketing game forever.

Generation C, who know how to write and share reviews, compare pricing, and organise their life online, have significant sway over businesses and brands, and they know it.

So the question for marketers is, “How can you flip the power play?” What are the implications of a customer who’s always on and never switches off? How are you going to effectively engage with a customer for whom technology is a way of life? You’re going to need to speak their language.

Knowledge is their currency

For Generation C, knowledge is gold.

They can answer any question or find out any piece of information instantly. They have an infinite wealth of information at their fingertips, but they’re not aimlessly trawling. They’re time-poor and therefore incredibly selective. You need to optimise their consumption for maximum returns, and give them the knowledge they crave to make smart decisions. You need to have seamless technology that looks beautiful and feels intuitive.

Technology makes them feel empowered

Technology has imbued Generation C with a sense of immense empowerment, giving them a feeling of control and a boost of confidence. Yet, with this control comes expectation. Marketers should not underestimate Generation C – they have real standards, meaning you’re going to have to start paying attention to personalised experiences.

They want to engage in new ways

Forget about the old standards of customer engagement and experience. If you want to properly engage with Generation C, you will need to take the time to understand them properly. They’ll know when you’re being genuine and when you’re not, and when you’ve really taken the time to make things easier for them.

So what now?

The first thing to do is to start asking questions. What are your customers looking for? What are they doing? You need to start learning as much as you can about them as they move along, harnessing data about their movements to accommodate and personalise their journey.

Are the correct technology, design, and marketing systems in place within your organisation to keep Generation C’s attention? Are they being using to direct and funnel customers to exactly what they are looking for?

Every marketing and business decision you make when considering Generation C, should have technology at the core. If technology makes or breaks your relationship with this digitally-obsessed generation, you need to ensure it gets them what they want, in the most efficient and intuitive way possible.

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