FIFA’s New Indigenous-Inspired Logo For The Australia & New Zealand Women’s World Cup Revealed

FIFA’s New Indigenous-Inspired Logo For The Australia & New Zealand Women’s World Cup Revealed

Toronto-based studio Public Address, and LA-based agency Works Collective have collaborated with female artists from Australia and New Zealand to inject new life into the logo for the upcoming Women’s World Cup in the respective countries in 2023.

While FIFA have collaborated with Australian and New Zealander artists, they chose overseas creative agencies to head the logo design for the upcoming Women’s World Cup.

Previous world cups relly on the trophy as the emblem however this one drew inspiration from local artists’ heritage and culture, using the design to, “evoke the FIFA WWC23 as a unifying cultural force.”

The logo is made up of 32 squares, representing the 32 competing nations, which is arranged in a circular, radial fashion.

“The circular, radial motif is a shared design element seen across many indigenous Australian and New Zealand cultures,” the official infographic says.

“For the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, it signifies not only the world’s best coming together in Australia and New Zealand, but also the spirit and values of the host countries radiating back out to the world.”

An array of distinct patterns are used across the logo to represent identity. Abroginal artist Chern’ee Sutton collaborated with Public Address and Works Collective to utilise symbols to represent the fans, families and supporters who will come to Australia and used line and circle design details to represent common Indigenous art motifs.

Similarly New Zealander artist Fiona Collis created patterns that aimed to signify the coming together of people and cultures, with mountains represented also.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 CEO Dave Beeche has called the launch of the brand a meaningful milestone in the tournament’s preparations.

“Unveiling this dynamic and innovative brand is a key milestone for the host countries in the journey to 2023. We are proud to see our Māori and Indigenous Australian cultures play a key role in the creation of this powerful and unique global brand.

“We believe it’s a fitting symbol of our plans to deliver a tournament that will not only take players and fans Beyond Greatness, but continue the incredible momentum already underway in the growth of women’s sport and gender equality.

“Australians and New Zealanders are looking forward to extending our famous ‘down-under’ hospitality to all visitors, to celebrate the world’s biggest female sporting event in our beautiful countries.”

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