Facebook And Ray-Ban Combine For The Most Unexpected Brand Collaboration Of 2021

Facebook And Ray-Ban Combine For The Most Unexpected Brand Collaboration Of 2021

Despite the well-documented failures of Google Glass, Facebook is trying its hand in the world of smart glasses.

Facebook has recruited the assistance of sunglasses giant Ray-Ban to launch the glasses, to be named ‘Ray-Ban Stories’.

Available in 20 different styles and with the recognised Ray-Ban name, Facebook’s glasses are sure to tick the right boxes on the fashion side of things.

In terms of the technology, Ray-Ban Stories can just about do it all, coming ready to take photos and videos through a 5MP camera, listen to music and take calls with beamforming technology.

Ray-Ban Stories are launching alongside a new Facebook View app, which allows users to share the footage they capture on their smart glasses.

Facebook says the new device is an “all-day wearable”, with a six-hour battery life and a charging case.

There are also brand-new voice controls so the glasses can get to work hands-free.

“On the one hand, they provide so much value, so you’re not going to not use them,” explains Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Fast Company.

“But I think the fact that we basically take this thing out of our pocket and kind of have our head stuck in it for a while is just not how we all want to interact.”

The smart glasses are available for $US300 ($400) and are on sale here in Australia.

Facebook also says privacy will be a key component as it makes its move into wearables.

“As with any new device, we have a big responsibility to help people feel comfortable and provide peace of mind, and that goes not only for device owners but the people around them, too. That’s why we baked privacy directly into the product design and functionality of the full experience, from the start,” the company said in a statement.

The glasses will only collect minimal data (such as battery life, email address and password) by default, with users invited to opt-in for extra data sharing.

Ray-Ban Stories is not only a cool piece of wearable technology, but it also further solidifies Facebook’s new strategy moving forward.

Zuckerberg has been open about his plans to create a ‘metaverse‘ using VR and AR technologies.

Facebook last month announced its plans for ‘Horizon Workrooms’, which will use VR technology to transform the role of the office.


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