Dyson’s Latest Headphones Have Already Been Meme-Ified

Dyson’s Latest Headphones Have Already Been Meme-Ified

Household appliance manufacturer Dyson have released their new headphones which come with a visor that includes an air-purifier. Unfortunately, the design of this product is oddly reminiscent, as many social media users were quick to notice.

Dyson are mostly known for creating machines that can be used inside the house, such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and hair straighteners. However their latest venture into the field of audio comes in the form of a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which also includes a visor (that can be removed).

The visor serves as an air-purifier and covers the nose and mouth for people travelling through the highly polluted city streets, offering them better quality air through the filters on each side of the headphones and the motor which is built inside.

Air quality is becoming an ongoing issue, putting the health of many people at risk and according to the BBC, Dyson have stressed that the air-purifier is 97 percent effective at getting clean air to the lungs.

However, the design of the product has caught the attention of the online community. With the visor covering much of the front of a person’s face, some people noticed that the device alludes to several fictional characters -Bane from Batman being at the top of the list.

Others pointed out that while there’s nothing wrong with the air-purifier itself, improving the quality of the air we breathe should be the preferable choice.

Dyson’s noise-cancelling headphones with the air purifier are not yet available, with the company looking to release them sometime in the near future.

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