Durex Accused Of Creating Ad That Could “Ruin The Chinese”

Zgierz, Poland - December 11, 2011: A foil wrapped Durex manufactured latex condom placed next to the yellow banana - shot in the studio with a white background.

Chinese censors have accused condom brand Durex of using soft pornography to promote its products on social media.

In China, talking about sex is considered taboo, yet Durex has made a name for itself amongst the younger Chinese demographic thanks to its humorous ads.

However, a recent social media campaign with Chinese bubble tea brand Heytea has caused a stir with its overly suggestive images and crude taglines.

Durex is the latest brand to come under fire as the Chinese government cracks down on inappropriate content online.

The ads include a picture of a white, creamy drop of bubble tea coming out of a cup, with the caption: “Tonight, not a drop left”, followed by the question: “Do you remember our second date? I said to you, ‘Your first bite is the most precious’.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.47.29 am

Heytea responded to the post on social media saying: “I remember the date. We agreed from that day on, my cheese will always be on your lips.”

Heytea popular in China for its tea that has a cream cheese topping.

The provocative ads prompted a consumer backlash, with Heytea editing the original pictures and issuing an apology.

The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications said the Durex ads could “ruin the Chinese” and said crude ads were “more frightening than pornography”, according to South China Morning Post.

In a statement on Weibo, it said: “The office has added such content to its ongoing crackdown on vulgar content online. We urge and guide all internet platforms to enhance discipline, establish standards and maintain a bottom line.”

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