“Don’t Give A S**t”: TV Presenter Suspended After Foul-Mouthed Rant At Charity Event

“Don’t Give A S**t”: TV Presenter Suspended After Foul-Mouthed Rant At Charity Event

Sky News and Fox Sports presenter Greg Thomson has been stood down from his on-air duties pending an investigation into his behaviour at a charity lunch.

Thomson was hosting the lunch for disability support group Inala at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney on Friday, where he began swearing on stage at guests, who had each paid $270 for their ticket.

“Let’s be honest. I’m gonna say it and you can get offended, well I don’t give a s**t, ‘cause I’m gonna say it,” Thomson boomed in the microphone.

“You’re all f***ed off your heads.

“Can everyone shut up? Shut up! No, seriously, shut your mouth, put your manners back in and shut your mouth.”

“Your behaviour has been disgraceful. Pull your finger out, put your manners back in and shut the hell up. Are you adults, or not?”

Thomson’s offensive comments prompted a unified booing from guests, before the mic was taken off him by one of the event organisers.

A News Corp spokesperson told B&T that Thomson has been “taken off air and suspended immediately pending an investigation” into the incident.

However, Thomson told Fairfax Media that he had “nothing to be sorry about”.

“It was a difficult, noisy crowd who had no doubt enjoyed a long lunch prior to the event commencing,” he said.

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  • mike175 2 years ago

    If this guy is a professional MC/Presenter he should know the golden rule, “Stay Sober”.

    Ruly crowd or not his performance was disgusting. Guessing this was a charity event and for an entry price of $270 Plus whatever else is given thru auctions various other fundrasing the guest will tend to have a drink or three which tends to loosen pockets for the Charity. To be abused by the MC is so wrong on every level. Had he stayed sober himself he would have been more understanding/ professional about the audience and their demeanor? AND… even if he was sober (seemed unlikley) Still no excuse to abuse an audience. Having said this, I don’t believe he deserves to lose his day job but he does need a good talking too.

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