Dentsu’s Zac Selby Discusses The Biggest Programmatic Trends Of 2022 & Beyond

Dentsu’s Zac Selby Discusses The Biggest Programmatic Trends Of 2022 & Beyond
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Programmatic advertising is now more useful than ever, and with a cookieless future on the horizon, businesses require bespoke programmatic infrastructure to succeed.

Speaking as part of PubMatic’s “The Future of Digital Advertising, Built For You” video series, dentsu’s programmatic solutions director, Zac Selby (featured image), says transparency will have considerable impact in the programmatic sphere in 2022, as well as data.

“With third party cookies going, transparency and how companies source data and meaningfully scale it is going to be of vital importance and a key topic of 2022,” he says.

Selby says dentsu’s ambition is to become the market’s most trusted and transparent media solution.

“That all starts with really robust supply initiatives,” he comments. “We look at SPO initiatives by working closely with and integrating with partners like PubMatic. We also subscribe to all industry initiatives to deliver on that supply transparency.”

The programmatic superstar considers dentsu to be quite fortunate on account of its proprietary methodologies of collecting, utilising, and deploying bespoke data for its clients.

The company also runs run bespoke digital maturity workshops to tailor outputs that are unique to each brand and activation, which Selby says is important considering every client has a different product, or a different service offering.

For Selby, there are multiple advantages for dentsu working with PubMatic, which includes placing data on the supply side, because there’s less “leakage”.

“[Less leakage] leads to better match rates, better match rates lead to larger scale, larger scale decreases your cost because there’s more inventory to acquire,” he says.

Tackling addressability, while maintaining cost efficiencies, is another exciting prospect for the programmatic whiz kid.

Selby points to PubMatic’s supply infrastructure as a key component in helping dentsu prepare for the future.

“That’s vital to deploy if we’re looking at SPO initiatives across the supply chain, but also our data ambitions, and deploying that on the supply side, and driving meaningful scale for our clients,” says Selby.

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