Datalicious Enhances Marketing Measurement Through Facebook Partnership

Datalicious Enhances Marketing Measurement Through Facebook Partnership

Equifax Inc, a global information solutions provider, and its subsidiary, Datalicious, the global marketing data specialists, today announced a multi-touch attribution measurement partnership with Facebook.

Through this partnership, Datalicious will gain the ability to attribute across media channels to measure campaigns using a more accurate people-based approach. Marketers upgrading to this people-based marketing attribution will be able to unlock additional value across all of their advertising campaigns.

This new partnership delivers a clear understanding of how paid media influences customers and prospects on Facebook and its other properties. Marketers can now understand how their Facebook campaigns compare to other media investments and how Facebook can complement other channels to drive online conversions or in-store activity.

A recent study conducted by Facebook and Datalicious, with three Australian brands, found potential for a 33 per cent improvement in ROI when leveraging this new people-based data for measurement.

The partnership also demonstrates Facebook’s commitment to providing increased transparency and choice when it comes to measuring ad campaigns. Important to note, multi-touch attribution via Datalicious is done without the use of personally-identifiable information, as marketers have come to expect from a trusted data steward such as Equifax.

“Today’s marketing landscape is broken up among multiple channels, and marketers must be able to understand how each one affects their sales,” said Christian Bartens, CEO and Founder, Datalicious.

“Facebook has built a reliable system that allows marketers to reach consumers across devices and browsers. We’re honoured that Facebook has selected Datalicious as one of the first few marketing partners to offer the ability to measure Facebook alongside other media.”

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