Controversial Lingerie Label Honey Birdette Back With Racy Christmas Campaign

Controversial Lingerie Label Honey Birdette Back With Racy Christmas Campaign

[B&T advises this story contains imagery of an adult nature that may not be safe for some workplaces] There appears to be no stopping racy Aussie lingerie label Honey Birdette which, despite ongoing controversy, has just released its 2017 Christmas campaign.

The 50-second social media TVC and in-store poster campaign comes complete with the brand’s buxom models, minimal underwear and a very nervous looking Santa Claus all with the tag line ‘We gave Santa the night off, sorry kids!’ Check it out below, but again, B&T warns of its suggestive nature.

The brand has continued to court controversy with its racy marketing strategy. A number of shoppers – namely mothers with small children – have complained about the inappropriateness of  in-store marketing posters that can be viewed by passersby.

An online petition has reportedly gathered 56,000 signatures to have the posters removed, while others have called for boycotts of Honey Birdette stores.

However, Westfield management has so far resisted calls for the imagery to be banned.

There has also been reports of Honey Birdette staff being harassed and threatened.

A recent campaign titled “Office party” where lingerie-clad models cavorted with people at an office Christmas party was also widely condemned for promoting sexual harassment.

However, the brand had dismissed any complaints about its marketing, suggesting you see more skin at a beach than you do at any of its stores.

The brand’s CEO, Eloise Monaghan, said of the complaints: “You’ll see more flesh at the beach or Pitt Street at 12am on a Friday.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous, there’s no difference from any other lingerie company or any other swimwear label, and in fact there is less flesh.

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