Cocogun, UnLtd & Zenith Extend MissingSchool’s ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ Campaign

Cocogun, UnLtd & Zenith Extend MissingSchool’s ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ Campaign
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Lockdowns taught us all a vital lesson. Children can – and must – stay connected to their classmates and teachers to overcome the negative impacts of school isolation in a health crisis.

Cocogun, UnLtd, Zenith and partners have joined forces to support the third of students who are invisible and lonely when they can’t physically attend school due to chronic medical or mental conditions.

The new work – currently running across OOH, digital OOH, press, digital and social media – is an extension of the ongoing campaign, which features a rousing children’s choir covering the iconic ’80s hit ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by the Scottish rock band Simple Minds.

“Before COVID, an estimated 70,000 Australian students experienced chronic school absence due to physical conditions alone.” She says the student cohort now spirals into hundreds of thousands, in the face of rising chronic illness, with the trend of school avoidance underlining urgency,” said MissingSchool CEO & co-founder Megan Gilmour.

“Schools can turn ‘telepresence’ back on, post lockdowns, and follow workplaces into the 21st century by championing a ‘learn from anywhere’ system for students who can’t physically attend. This change is not only necessary, it’s immediately achievable at scale. The technology is already in schools,” said Gilmour.

Chronic health challenges continue to drive chronic school absence among a significant group of vulnerable students, leaving them feeling forgotten and isolated from their school community through no fault of their own. Our campaign serves as a rallying cry to ensure these students are not forgotten, not isolated. This campaign is delivering incredible results for us with a record influx of donations and enquiries.”

“We are incredibly privileged to work with MissingSchool via our partnership with UnLtd. Through our core focus on investment, imagination, and insight (ROI3), we are confident that our support will positively impact the lives of many sick children across Australia. We are really proud of this work and thank the entire team for getting behind this important campaign,” said Jason Tonelli, CEO of Zenith Media Australia.

“This is such an important issue, we wanted to land the message in the simplest, most visceral way. To remind people that out of sight can often mean out of mind and it’s easy for sick kids to slip off our radars. But through the work MissingSchool are doing, we can keep them connected and included,” said Cocogun creative partner Ant Melder.

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