Study: Coca-Cola Still The Planet’s Number One FMCG Brand

Study: Coca-Cola Still The Planet’s Number One FMCG Brand

Despite media reports to the contrary and sugar fast becoming the “new cigarettes” in many consumers’ eyes, good old Coca-Cola remains the planet’s top FMCG brand according to a new global study.

The study by consumer insights firm Kantar Worldpanel and titled the Brand Footprint Rankings looks at how often a brand is bought in households around the globe.

It analyses over 300 billion shopper decisions across 74 per cent of the world’s population and 15,000 brands in 44 countries, the company claims. It also found that emerging markets accounted for 82 per cent of FMCG growth.

The top 10 bands globally according to Kantar Worldpanel were (the results were tallied from October 2015 to October 2016)

1) Coca-Cola

2) Colgate

3) Lifebuoy (a cleaning products company big in Asia and the Middle East) 

4) Maggi

5) Lays (the chip company)

6) Pepsi

7) Nescafé

8) Indomie (an Asian instant-noodle brand)

9) Knorr (a Unilever brand that makes stock cubes and powder mixes)

10) Dove

According to the study: “Local brands continue to outpace the market: while the total value of FMCG grew by 4.7 per cent in 2015, local players grew by 6.2 per cent. By comparison, global brands grew by 3.4 per cent. Particularly strong in the food and beverage categories, brand choices are dominated by local players in terms of both the number of brands available as well as in the number of times they are chosen.

“Despite this shift, growth is not over for global brands. Within the top 10 brands alone, Lifebuoy, Lay’s and Dove all managed to not only grow CRP, but also move at least one place up the ranking.

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