Carsales & CHE Proximity Give Every Second-Hand Car Its Own Ad

Carsales & CHE Proximity Give Every Second-Hand Car Its Own Ad

B&T’s Agency of the Year for 2017, CHE Proximity, has teamed up with to release a new campaign that gives every second-hand car its own moment in the spotlight.

For a limited time, Carsales will offer every private seller the opportunity to have their very own big, expensive-feeling car ad, titled ‘AutoAds’.

To capture the five distinct themes and characters, hundreds of scenes and thousands of VO clips, CHE Proximity teamed up with award-winning comedy director Tony Rogers and actor Kai Smythe.

The filmed footage is combined with the seller’s own photographs of their car via a purpose-built algorithm that automatically pulls in the seller’s name, car type, price, and odometer reading.

The first campaign of its type for the Australian auto category has the potential to produce 1.2 trillion unique car commercials, with no two ads ever the same.

Not only will the cars and consumer details be unique to each ad, but the algorithm seamlessly rearranges the footage and script with different lines and visuals.

After listing their car at Carsales, each seller receives five unique themed 40-second ads to choose from and post on their social pages.

The themes are: ‘adventure’, ‘family’, ‘tough’, ‘luxury’ and ‘city’, each with bespoke music designed by Loner Productions.

Carsales chief marketing officer Kellie Cordner said the AutoAds campaign appealed to the innovative DNA within Carsales.

“As the number one place in Australia to sell your car online, the campaign demonstrates Carsales’ unwavering commitment to helping Australians sell with confidence and ease,” she said.

“With social communities playing such a big part in our everyday lives, the fun and personalised nature of this campaign is a unique and engaging way for our private sellers to get the word out that their car is up for sale.”

Ant White, chief creative officer at CHE Proximity, said the creation of AutoAds was a true collaboration between all involved.

“Tony Rogers and Guilty worked with the team’s dynamic script that had thousands of unique lines and nuances. The tech, data, design and production teams stitched it all together seamlessly with the smarts hidden in the background.”


Creative: CHE Proximity

CEO: Chris Howatson

Chief creative officer: Ant White

Chief operating officer: Andrew Drougas

Group account director: Jess Hughes

Planning director: James Needham

Account director: Sarah Newell

Group creative director: Glen Dickson

Creative directors: Garret Fitzgerald, Joe Hill and Chris Andrews

Creatives: Cameron Bell and Sam Dickson

Head of design: Jason Young

Head of CHEP Films: Julie Duff

Producer, CHEP Films: Elena Szymanski

Editing and visual effects: CHEP Films (Damian Capicchiano and Matt Goddard)

Sound post-production: CHEP Films (Matt Thompson)

Music: Loner Studio

Technical director of product and comms: Matt Rose

Technical director of web and platform: Hoang Nguyen

Creative technologist: Andy Stewart

Digital producer: Sam Bury

Production: Guilty

Director: Tony Rogers

Producers: Jason Byrne and Rohan Timlock

Line producer: Alex Sturman

Cinematographer: Marin Johnson

PR: Attention+Influence

Creative partner: Mike Doman

Managing partner: Simone Pipkorn

Account director: Fleur Williamson

Client: Carsales

CMO: Kellie Cordner

Group marketing manager: Trudi Sampola

Brand manager: Jun Lee Sia

Digital specialist: Caitlin Retell

Development manager: Luke Bronts


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