Burger King Satisfies Pregnancy Cravings With Weird Whopper Combos Ahead Of Mother’s Day

Burger King Satisfies Pregnancy Cravings With Weird Whopper Combos Ahead Of Mother’s Day

Ahhh, Burger King. Hardly a week goes by in which your company doesn’t cause some manner of confusion or outrage, whether that be through misleading burger sizes, or offending Christians during Holy Week.

That said, the international burger chain does do some occasional good, and in anticipation of Mother’s Day this Sunday 8 May, Burger King is on a mission to curb one of the most bothersome conditions facing expectant mothers: pregnancy cravings.

Last week, Burger King Deutschland released a new ad campaign for the limited-edition “pregnancy Whopper”, showcasing its famous menu item albeit with several unconventional add-ons, from vanilla ice-cream and green olives, to fried fish and currywurst.


The online spot features interviews with a handful of pregnant women who – I’m assuming, because I don’t sprechen sie Deutsch – outline the foods they most desire when their pregnancy cravings start kicking in. The interviews are then intercut with shots of these fantasy Whoppers, which include pancakes, ice cream, whipped cream, marmelade, fried eggs and bananas.

The expectant mothers are then shown indulging in their insane creations, much to their delight.

It’s all part of the burger chain’s effort to help expectant mothers quell their incessant food cravings, as well as to treat mums to something a little decadent – albeit, borderline disgusting.

According to The Drum, Burger King surveyed 1000 women and found 78 per cent struggled to say no to their cravings.

“Our survey among pregnant women and mothers clearly indicates that pregnancy cravings are not just a myth,” Burger King Deutschland marketing director, Klaus Schmäing told The Drum.

“These cravings are as real as pregnant women’s desire for special food combinations. This brought us to the idea to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into pregnancy Whopper sandwiches.

“As a result, combinations like cucumber with jam or sausage with chocolate cream have been created – and expectant moms have enthusiastically tried them.”

The campaign – which runs across both socials and OOH – is encouraging all (German) mums to visit Burger King and indulge in a “pregnancy Whopper” of their make and their desire.

In a tough few weeks for burger ads, Burger King Deutschland has pulled through with this delightfully bonkers campaign to celebrate and appease our mums. And, of course, we love our mums.

No word from Hungry Jack’s yet.

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