B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Fashion, TikToks & Racism

B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Fashion, TikToks & Racism

The Olympics has already been a nice morale boost for Australians. There’s nothing like remembering we have some good Aussie swimmers to restore our love for our country. However, the Olympics isn’t without its scandals.

This week a tweet went viral by podcaster and genius, Laura Lexx, who brilliantly suggested that at the Olympics, a normal person should compete next to an Olympian so we can realise how incredible Olympians are.

I imagine it would also stop us rolling our eyes from our lounges when a swimmer doesn’t manage to break a world record.

Naturally, thousands of Twitter users weighed in on how helpful they’d find it – the introduction of ‘normies’ alongside athletes .

This introduction might have even made singer Cody Simpson’s performance at the Olympic trials more impressive.

In very important Olympic news, some athletes have managed to tear themselves away from training to create amusing Tiktoks. If you can’t win gold, go viral right?

U.S. diver Tyler Downs, took to Tiktok to comically declare his love for US gymnast Simone Biles.


heyy girl we are teammates 🤣

♬ original sound – TOP 2⭐️

This Tiktok has since racked up 14 million views.

Downs then took to TikTok to remind everyone that athletes aren’t just good at sports, they can be funny too. Arguably, that made every non-funny non-athletic person feel worse about themselves.


I swear i’m normal #teamusa #olympics #teamusatryout

♬ Why are ppl using this – 🤍🕊

The United States Rugby player, Ilona Maher, performed a global service when she took it upon herself to test out the Olympic cardboard beds.

Allegedly the beds are made of cardboard to deter athletes from having sex with each other, but having seen many Olympic athletes, I imagine it might take people more than cardboard beds to deter them.


Testing out the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village #beastbeautybrains #olympics #cardboardbeds #tokyoolympics #usarugby #japan #athletes #rugger

♬ original sound – Ilona Maher

This Tiktok racked up 1.5 million views.

However, it isn’t just TikToks and good times. German coach and sports director, Patrick Moster, was filmed referring to African and Middle Eastern competitors as, “camel drivers.”

While cheering on track and road cyclist, Nikias Arndt, he said: “‘Hol die Kameltreiber,” – translation – camel drivers.

Allegedly, Moster was referring to Algerian Olympian, Azzedine Lagab and Eritrean Olympian, Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier who were in front of Arndt.

Yahoo, has reported that Moster has since apologised for his racism via press agency, DPA.

“I was in the feed zone and cheered on Nikias Arndt.

“In the heat of the moment and with the overall burden that we have here at the moment, my choice of words was wrong.”

Twitter weighed in on the incident.

In more racist news, Greek broadcaster, Dimosthenis Karmiris, has been fired from ERT television.

Karmiris made racist comments after South Korean Olympian, Jeoung Young-sik beat Greece’s Panagiotis Gionis in table tennis.

Karmiris said: “I can’t understand how they can see the ball moving back and forth.”

Twitter weighed in.

In lighter news, The Daily Show bought joy and controversy to the world, when Dulce Sloan gave her fashion roast/recap of the Olympics opening ceremony.

Controversial gems included: “Honestly, I’m glad that Germany looks awful. The last thing we need is Germans parading around in snazzy uniforms. You know why.”

“Looking good South Korea, love an Asian that shows up dressed like a guest to a beach wedding.”

Naturally, Twitter users had some thoughts.

And finally, Piers Morgan made headlines for well being himself.

After US gymnast, Simone Biles bravely announced she was withdrawing from the Olympics because of mental health issues.

Morgan decided to take it upon himself to give Biles an arguably condescending pep talk.

Of course, this was after he said, Biles had: “let down your teammates, your fans and your country.”

Honestly, just when you think watching sports is boring. The Olympics finds a way to capture your attention again.

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