B&T’s Big Fat Adobe Summit Day One Wrap

...Tuesday March 26, 2019 in Las Vegas. (Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Adobe)

Why travel all the way to Las Vegas and end up losing your house on the roulette wheel when B&T can do it for you? Here we summarise all of highs and lows of the Adobe Summit in one, admittedly, very long summary. Read the first bit if you want the quick snap shot, or geek out and read the whole thing to impress your clients with new acronyms like B2E.

Yes, B2E is a thing! Forget B2B or B2C, it’s now business to everyone. Well, that’s what Adobe would have us believe as it rolled out its integration of Marketo into its Marketing Cloud, itself a part of the Experience Cloud. And if you think the clouds are gathering, you’d be right to fetch your umbrella because the horizon looks decidedly dark.

As well as adding to its existing clouds, a whole new cloud Adobe Commerce Cloud has been born thanks to Adobe’s other major purchase since last Summit Magento, which we always wish was called Magneto!

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 3.11.31 pmBut we digress.

Having forked out US$4.75 billion for Marketo and a further US$1.68 billion for Magento, that’s $7.88 billion Aussie, you’d want to have something to show for it. And Adobe could barely contain itself, in fact it actually didn’t, as it showcased its far more comprehensive product offering than in years gone by.

Sadly, I’m old enough to remember a desktop publishing product called QuarkXpress, which totally dominated the market. We used it conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator to lay out magazines and the user experience was terrible, with Quark frequently crashing when we tried to import in particular Illustrator files, but PhotoShop files was well.

Then Adobe released its own version of QuarkXpress, InDesign, and the rest as they say is history. The key was how tightly the product integrated with its stable mates, which of course now make the core of the Creative Cloud.

This has been Adobe’s signature move of integrating more and more of its products into clouds which work seamlessly together, well better than disparate products anyway, at the expense of its competitors. Of course, Adobe has more aggressive foes these days than poor old QuarkXpress, but the plan is still sound.

Perhaps that’s why one of the other major announcements today was Adobe’s Experience Platform. It’s an open and extensible platform that stitches together data from across the entire enterprise, enabling real-time customer profiles leveraging Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

What that means, is all the data an organisation collects on individuals, regardless of the source, end up in Adobe’s platform. It’s also free. There’s more details below. Together with a further announcement regarding a deepening of its partnership with Microsoft and LinkedIn (you forget Microsoft owns LinkedIn sometimes don’t you?) and Adobe is now able to put together a pretty extensive picture of your clients. Certainly along with its device co-op, it’s starting to rival the walled gardens of FaceBook and Google.

Now that it knows what customers look like, it’s also honing its skills at going after them. Another stand out announcement today was its partnering with Roku (it’s like Apple TV but big in the US, not so much Australia) to deliver addressable ads to people while the watch the likes of NetFlix. Ironically, Apple announced its new AppleTV+ this week, which NetFlix has refused to join because of Apple’s commission fee.

I don’t know what’s going on with the relationship between Apple and Adobe, but if they strike a similar deal with Apple, then this will be big news in Australia. Again, all the details are below.

So, all in all, day one was a long and glorious product announcement festival delivered to 17,000 adoring fans, sorry customers and partners, in Sin City. One thing to note is Adobe now boasts some 13,000 partners who assist organisations implement their big, complex solutions. Advertiser agencies need to know this means two things: there’s a future in becoming a systems integrator for the likes of Adobe, and a very large chunk of marketing spend is directed to the likes of Adobe as the world continues to be eaten by software.

Here’s today’s announcements.

Adobe Summit 2019: Driving the Future of Customer Experience Management

Adobe Showcases Innovation Across Adobe Experience Cloud, Unveils Adobe Commerce Cloud, Marketo Engage and Adobe Experience Platform; Announces new partnerships with Microsoft, LinkedIn and ServiceNow

Adobe today kicked off Adobe Summit 2019, the world’s largest Customer Experience conference. Digital transformation is the mandate for every business and thousands of companies rely on Adobe Experience Cloud every day to manage their digital businesses across every stage of the customer journey.

At Adobe Summit, Adobe unveiled the latest Adobe Experience Cloud innovations, including Adobe Commerce Cloud and Marketo Engage, as well as global availability of Adobe Experience Platform.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig, Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen and SunTrust Bank CMO Susan Johnson shared their respective enterprise playbooks for digital transformation.

Additionally, Adobe announced key strategic partnerships with ServiceNow, Microsoft and LinkedIn to accelerate Customer Experience Management (CXM) across enterprises.

“Customer Experience Management is the unlock to digital transformation and Adobe is leading the way through continuous innovation in Adobe Experience Cloud and through key partnerships with ServiceNow, Microsoft, LinkedIn and SAP,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, Adobe.

“Today, at Adobe Summit, we unveiled significant new capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud, including the introduction of Adobe Commerce Cloud and Marketo Engage, and general availability of Adobe Experience Platform.”

New Innovation in Adobe Experience Cloud

Today, Adobe shared how Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, is integrating workflows between solutions and adding more real-time intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei. The new innovations make cross-channel experience design, delivery and optimisation even more frictionless.

Adobe Experience Cloud has seen massive adoption across businesses of all sizes, and is used by the largest travel, media and entertainment, financial services, automotive and telecommunications companies.

Available globally today, Adobe Experience Platform is an open and extensible platform that stitches together data from across the entire enterprise, enabling real-time customer profiles leveraging Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Adobe Experience Platform activates content based on these customer profiles to deliver rich, relevant experiences in real-time. It empowers the company’s global ecosystem, which now includes 13,000 agency, solution and technology partners and more than 300,000 developers.

Adobe Analytics Cloud, the core system of intelligence and activation for CXM, is adding more capabilities to provide accurate and timely insight into cross-channel consumer behaviour, along with intuitive, automated audience segmentation.

Now, Adobe Audience Manager combined with Adobe Experience Platform delivers a Real-time Customer Data Platform that brings together known and anonymous data to activate real-time customer profiles across multiple channels throughout the customer journey.

Adobe Analytics, with Adobe Experience Platform, is giving brands a new way to interpret insights from both online and offline data in real-time.

New Journey IQ stitches together the full customer journey to ensure the right customers are targeted at the right time; and a deeper integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud unites disparate data and inventory solutions, eliminating media silos and ensuring that marketing and advertising efforts are aligned.

Additionally, Adobe Analytics has integrated commerce dashboards from Adobe Commerce Cloud. Adobe Marketing Cloud, the foundation to optimise content, activate conversations and personalise experiences for cross-channel journey orchestration, has added the industry’s leading B2B marketing automation solution – Marketo Engage – into the Marketing Cloud.

First integrations will enable marketers to seamlessly pull or edit content from Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe Creative Cloud, and automatically build target lists to understand the next-best-action to take in B2B sales (Marketo Engage).

Other Adobe Marketing Cloud innovations power content velocity through personalised content delivery with more automated, personalised push notification capabilities (Adobe Campaign); a new intelligent content recommendation engine (Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target); and capabilities for automatic video cropping (Adobe Experience Manager).

Adobe Advertising Cloud gives brands the functionality needed to plan, buy, measure and optimise advertising. Adobe Advertising Cloud added capabilities to unite and automate cross-channel advertising campaigns, including all forms of video, with brand safety built in.

In a new integration with Roku, Adobe Advertising Cloud customers can now leverage first-party data – a brand’s own audience segments gleaned from marketing and advertising efforts via Adobe Analytics Cloud – to target audiences on Roku’s over-the-top TV inventory.

Adobe introduced Adobe Commerce Cloud – built on Magento Commerce and leveraging an ecosystem of more than 300,000 developers – provides an end-to-end solution to optimise both customer experience and business operations by powering integrated and fully managed commerce across all storefronts – physical, digital and virtual. Native integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager and added intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei offer rich insights in commerce dashboards and deliver engaging commerce experiences in real-time.

New Partnerships

Adobe and ServiceNow announced a partnership that will enable integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and the ServiceNow Now Platform to enhance Adobe’s real-time customer profiles with ServiceNow’s rich customer support data.

This will create a more comprehensive view of a customer across the entire digital journey – from acquisition to service. Additionally, Adobe Experience Cloud solutions will integrate with the ServiceNow Now Platform, including its Customer Service Management (CSM) solutions. Adobe and ServiceNow will partner to enable their mutual customers to integrate and leverage digital workflows, service catalogues, intelligent content and knowledge management capabilities.

Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft and LinkedIn will create account-based experiences (ABX) through data integrations and new marketing and sales capabilities. By aligning key data sources to populate account-based profiles, the companies are collectively empowering B2B marketers to easily identify, understand and engage customer buying teams.

This partnership will result in a more personalised experience at both the individual and account level on critical marketing and sales platforms like LinkedIn.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe unveiled the next generation of Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning technology, that is deeply embedded into Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, driving deeper insights, real-time decisioning and smarter workflows.

With the global availability of Adobe Experience Platform, new AI services (available in beta) provide the intelligence layer to connect data and content – ensuring brands consistently deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time, in the right context.

Adobe Sensei capabilities are now widely accessible to any business.

Technology Previews

Adobe will preview technology coming out of its R&D labs at Adobe Sneaks. Hosted by actress and producer Mindy Kaling, Sneaks offers the audience an exciting – and entertaining – look into the future. Sneaks is a perennial highlight of Summit and audience favourites often become part of future product offerings.

Movers, Shakers and Experience Makers

Also taking stage at Adobe Summit will be Academy Award-winning actress, producer and Draper James founder Reese Witherspoon and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who have both led transformative change in their respective industries.

Adobe Summit also featured the first-ever Adobe Experience Maker Awards, as well as Marketo’s Revvie Awards, which celebrate brands driving the world’s best customer experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform Powers Customer Experience Management

Adobe Announces Global Availability of Adobe Experience Platform; Best Buy, Home Depot and Marriott Among Beta Customers

Adobe today announced the global availability of Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first real-time platform for customer experience management (CXM).

An open and extensible platform, Adobe Experience Platform stitches together data from across the enterprise, enabling real-time customer profiles leveraging Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Adobe Experience Platform activates content based on these customer profiles to deliver personalised experiences in real-time. Some of the world’s largest brands are already using Adobe Experience Platform in beta, including 3M, Best Buy, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Marriott, Sony PlayStation and Verison Wireless.

Every enterprise today is struggling to handle the massive explosion of data that is being driven by rich customer experiences, multiple devices and IoT.

These companies are spending massive amounts of time and resources trying to build their own infrastructure to manage and sort the data. Adobe is offering Adobe Experience Platform to bring together all data sources from across the enterprise and rationalise the data for real-time actionability.

Adobe Experience Platform collects and processes real-time data – tens of millions of events per second – from multiple sources and organises the data into Experience Data Models (XDM).

Brands are able to leverage Adobe Experience Platform to activate insights across all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. In addition, enterprises can bring in their unique data from ERPs, CRMs and other sources.

“Solving today’s data challenges requires a cloud-based, hyper-scale architecture with a rich data pipeline and real-time customer profile powered by AI and machine learning,” said Abhay Parasnis, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Adobe.

“Adobe Experience Platform is purpose-built for capturing, processing and actioning data in real-time, enabling enterprises to deliver rich and relevant experiences to their customers.”

Adobe Experience Platform offers:

  • A rich data pipeline and semantics: Adobe Experience Platform is built with a rich data pipeline pulling data from multiple sources across a globally distributed edge network that enriches the real-time customer profile. The data is then organised into the Experience Data Model with more than 50 customer experience schemas that use a standard language and data vocabulary. Adobe Experience Platform also offers a robust set of tools that are natively integrated to ensure compliance with current regulations and policies controlling the management of data, like GDPR. With an open architecture, IT teams can also easily add data governance of their own on top of Adobe Experience Platform to meet all of their compliance needs.
  • Real-time personalisation at scale: Adobe Experience Platform powers Adobe’s new real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), which brings together known and anonymous data to activate real-time customer profiles across multiple channels throughout the customer journey with intelligent decisioning and segmentation. Customers can rationalise these profiles and apply Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to transform these building blocks into valuableaudiences.
  • Intelligent decisioning to enable real-time actionability: Customer journey intelligence, powered by Adobe Sensei, leverages predefined data-driven operational best practices, AI and business intelligence to enable real-time decisions and actions. Data scientists can quickly stitch together data from across the enterprise, powering a real-time customer profile on Adobe Experience Platform to continuously optimise business processes. Businesses can either access Adobe Sensei models, create their own or leverage existing models and seamlessly train them – backed by a fully managed, secure and scalable infrastructure.
  • Adobe Sensei AI Services: With the global availability of Adobe Experience Platform, new AI services (available in beta) provide the intelligence layer to connect data and content—ensuring brands consistently deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. Adobe Sensei services now widely accessible to any business include: Customer AI which lets brands accurately uncover specific segments of users and target each with the right marketing campaign; Journey AI which gives brands a means to orchestrate journeys across millions of users, constantly analysing behavioural data and activating brand experiences at the optimal times; and Attribution AI that enables brands to see the conversion impact driven by owned, earned and paid media and make informed resourcing decisions.
  • An open platform and robust ecosystem: Adobe Experience Platform is an open platform powered by a common semantic data model to standardise and organise all data, intelligent tools and services to create new experience applications and a broad industry ecosystem to help brands scale. Adobe XDM is being integrated with Microsoft’s CDM and SAP’s CDM into one common data model as part of the Open Data Initiative, announced by the three leaders last September. Adobe Experience Platform supports the framework of the initiative, enabling brands to bring their data from other applications and data sources together to surface new insights.
  • As enterprise architecture moves to put customer experience at the core, Adobe Experience Platform is enabling enterprises to reduce time and resources on trying to create their own infrastructure and focus more on driving their business outcomes. Adobe Experience Platform is available today. For more information visit www.adobe.com/experienceplatform.

New Adobe Advertising Cloud Capabilities Power Cross-Channel Advertising Campaigns

New Partnership with Roku, Integrations with Adobe Analytics and Enhanced Search Capabilities Advance Connected Experiences in Advertising

Today at Adobe Summit, Adobe announced a partnership with Roku Inc. to offer Adobe customers the ability to precisely target the large consumer audience moving to OTT. Marketers using Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics can now target their first-party audience segments on the Roku platform.

With a seamless activation for programmatic ad buying and access to Roku ad inventory, marketers can better scale their campaigns, manage frequency and more effectively measure success on OTT.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud’s focus on intelligence, accountability, targeting and inventory (especially TV) enables advertisers to deliver connected experiences in advertising to today’s increasingly discerning consumer,” said Keith Eadie, vice president and general manager of Adobe Advertising Cloud. “This partnership with Roku allows Adobe customers even more effectiveness while running campaigns on a leading TV streaming platform.”

“With the shift to streaming, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers in a targeted, relevant way on TV,” said Scott Rosenberg, GM, Platform Business, Roku. “Roku has a direct, first-party relationship with its consumers and the most advanced ad capabilities in OTT. This partnership gives Adobe clients a seamless way to activate their data and reach customers who’ve moved their TV viewing to Roku devices.”

“As marketers understand the promise of advanced TV and embrace the opportunities, they will discover the possibilities in precision and targeting that the medium offers,” added Ben Jankowski, group head, global media of Mastercard. “This partnership is an exciting development that will do much to expand and enhance growth in OTT.”

Better Targeting, Accountability and Intelligence

With lines continuing to blur between advertising and marketing technologies, marketers want to understand advertising’s paid media paths, and how they drive valuable site paths that use that data to better optimise campaigns.

Advertising Analytics allows advertisers to track click-through and last-view conversions in Adobe Analytics. Brands using both Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics will be able to see how their advertising spend leads to site behaviour and drives critical business objectives like revenue.

Additionally, they can pass Adobe Analytics data into Adobe Advertising Cloud for use in reporting and optimisation. These benefits lead to improved reporting and insight on how advertising drives site behaviour, better optimisation of campaigns and provides easier audience segmentation for customer experience across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

This year, Adobe is also implementing a major enhancement to Adobe Advertising Cloud Search that extends the capabilities and value of Performance Optimisation, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology.

Due to changes in optimisation technology made by the major search engines, marketers have to make choices about how they drive the best possible performance for their search marketing investments.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search solves these advertiser challenges through its latest update, Performance Optimization for Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, which incorporates multiple search engine bidding strategies. Performance Optimization evaluates search marketing results and distributes media investment across campaigns using different bidding technologies to automatically optimise return on investment.

This marks the first time any software solution in the industry has offered a bid optimisation approach across search engines and bidding tactics.

Adobe and ServiceNow Partner to Advance Customer Experience Management

Partnership Helps Enterprises Integrate Customer Experience Data; Creates Seamless Digital Workflows to a Personalized Customer Experience Across All Touchpoints

Adobe and ServiceNow today at Adobe Summit announced a partnership to empower brands with an industry-first solution for stitching together Adobe customer experience data and customer data, ultimately providing seamless digital workflows and personalised customer experiences across all touch points.

Organisations use customer engagement solutions to better understand and personalise digital experiences for customers. But this data is typically siloed and disconnected from the customer service experience. Customers expect a seamless, personalised experience as well as quick issue resolution. Adobe and ServiceNow will enable integrations between Adobe Experience Platform and the ServiceNow Now Platform to enhance Adobe’s real-time customer profiles with rich customer data. This will create a more comprehensive view of a customer across their entire digital journey – from acquisition to service.

Additionally, Adobe Experience Cloud solutions will integrate with the ServiceNow Now Platform, including its Customer Service Management (CSM) solutions to enable better customer and employee experiences across both companies’ applications. Adobe and ServiceNow will partner to enable their mutual customers to integrate and leverage digital workflows, service catalogs, intelligent content and knowledge management capabilities.

“Customers demand exceptional experiences, and businesses are looking to transform customer service and engagement,” said John Donahoe, president and CEO, ServiceNow. “Together, ServiceNow and Adobe will help enable seamless digital workflows that power the experiences customers want and that businesses seek to provide.”

“Delivering personalised, real-time customer experiences is at the core of every successful enterprise,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, Adobe. “Adobe and ServiceNow are partnering to provide enterprises with real-time actionable data across the customer journey so they can better manage and grow their digital businesses.”

This partnership will enable customers to benefit from a centralised, intelligent Customer Experience Management (CXM) tool and, along with the ServiceNow Now Platform, customers will be able to streamline work between teams and ultimately build rich, real-time customer profiles in an instant. For example, our mutual customers will be able to seamlessly integrate ServiceNow digital workflows, knowledge management and service catalogues into a personalised engagement layer through Adobe Experience Platform, to create consistent, contextual experiences and services.

Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn Join Forces to Accelerate Account-Based Experiences

Adobe today announced an extension of its partnership with Microsoft and a new integration with LinkedIn that will accelerate account-based experiences (ABX) through new marketing solution integrations. Adobe and Microsoft are aligning key data sources to populate account-based profiles in Adobe Experience Cloud, including Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. This will empower B2B marketers and sellers to easily identify, understand and engage B2B customer buying teams. This partnership will drive better orchestration, measurement and delivery of targeted content for a more personalised experience at both the individual and account level on key B2B platforms like LinkedIn.

“Orchestrating the engagement of multiple individuals in a complex marketing and sales journey is at the heart of account-based experiences and what B2B marketers do day in and out,” said Steve Lucas, senior vice president, Digital Experience business, Adobe. “With these new account-based capabilities, marketing and sales teams will have increased alignment around the people and accounts they are engaging, and new ways to measure that business impact.”

“The ability to leverage the power of data to find the right opportunities and use insights helps marketing and sales to plan their next move with a member of the buying committee,” said Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president of Business Applications and Global Industry at Microsoft. “Together with Adobe and LinkedIn, Microsoft can help to deliver an end-to-end solution that ultimately accelerates lead conversion and can create opportunities for improved servicing and better cross sell, resulting in higher lifetime value of the account.”

“One of the biggest challenges for marketers running campaigns is ensuring that their messages are reaching the right audiences and delivering ROI at scale,” said Jen Weedn, vice president of Business Development at LinkedIn. “By extending LinkedIn account-based marketing capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users, we’ve created a seamless way for them to identify and target the right audiences on LinkedIn with meaningful content, ultimately helping improve the success of their campaigns.”

The partnership further deepens the longstanding collaboration between Adobe and Microsoft. The addition of an integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solution offers new ways for marketers to more effectively engage with accounts and buying teams, enabling them to:

Gain a deeper, real-time understanding of targeted accounts: Marketing and sales teams will be able to leverage data from Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to get a deeper, real-time understanding of targeted accounts, including insights into individual roles, influence and preferences. By integrating LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences with Marketo Engage, the combined account-based targeting capabilities will help marketers identify the right contacts within an account to reach on LinkedIn.

Target audiences more effectively by leveraging richer account profiles: To identify the best-fit accounts to pursue, Marketo Engage’s Account Profiling capability combines the power of intelligence-driven predictive modeling and automation in a single ABX solution, empowering marketers to identify these accounts out of 25 million companies within minutes.

Power people-based campaigns with more precision than ever before: Adobe Audience Manager, the company’s Data Management Platform (DMP), will enable brands to stitch together audience data to power contact-based campaigns on LinkedIn and other channels, while informing media buys with more precision than ever before. Data governance and privacy controls help to ensure that customer data is kept secure and helps brands to comply with their privacy policies and data privacy compliance objectives.

2019 Adobe Experience Maker and Marketo Revvie Award Winners Announced

Top Honours for the Brands and Partners Leading in Customer Experience Management and B2B Marketing, Presented at Adobe Summit

Today at Adobe Summit, Adobe announced the recipients of its Adobe Experience Maker Awards and the Marketo Revvie Awards at Adobe Summit, spotlighting companies who have developed transformative digital customer experiences. The Adobe Experience Maker Awards recognise Adobe Experience Cloud customers and partners, and the Marketo Revvie Awards honour B2B marketers leveraging Marketo technology to drive business growth and customer loyalty.

“We’re proud to recognise the winners of the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards and Marketo Revvie Awards, as brands that have developed amazing digital experiences that are driving customer loyalty and growth,” said Ann Lewnes, executive vice president and CMO, Adobe.

Adobe congratulates the winners of the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards, including:

  • Velocity Frequent Flyer, Loyalty Program of Virgin Australia (in partnership with CHE Proximity) for Best Audience-Driven Experience
  • Accent Group (in partnership with eWave) for Best Commerce Experience
  • NVIDIA for Best Data-Driven Experience
  • T-Mobile (in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services) for Best Digital Experience
  • Hilti (in partnership with EPAM Systems) for Best Experience-Driven Campaign
  • Dollar Shave Club for Best Integrated Ad Campaign
  • AARP for Best Personalized Experience
  • Xero for the Audience Choice Award

Adobe also hosted the annual Revvie Awards for Marketo customers at the Adobe Experience Maker Awards gala. Recipients of the 2019 Revvie Awards include:

  • Palo Alto Networks for Marketing Team of the Year
  • Joe Reitz of AWS for Marketer of the Year
  • Glenn Thomas of GE Healthcare for Marketing Executive of the Year
  • Euan Howden of Education New Zealand for The Fearless Marketer
  • Honeywell for The Performer
  • Pelco by Schneider Electric for The Transformer
  • Concentrix for The Dream Team
  • Helix Education for The Orchestrator
  • Juli James of St. Edwards University for Champion of the Year
  • Taishi Yamada of Trend Micro for MUG Leader of the Year

These award-winning Experience Makers are all part of Adobe Experience League, Adobe’s global customer enablement program to help customers get the most out of Adobe Experience Cloud. New Experience League programs launched at Adobe Summit focus on a more personalised guided learning experience, company level tracking and streamlined guidance for Experience Makers. The winners were recognised at an awards gala at Adobe Summit.

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