Brands Take Control Of Digital Campaign Creation With Next generation, AI-powered Digital Creation Platform

Brands Take Control Of Digital Campaign Creation With Next generation, AI-powered Digital Creation Platform
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CXTX unveils the world’s first no_code™ Digital Creation Platform (DCP). The no_code™ DCP empowers marketing departments to create digital campaigns in-house—from email and social to advertising—completely code-free.

This next generation no_code™ release follows over four years of on-shore Australian product development and investment, culminating in a unique, world-class product suite for in-house creation of email, display advertising, social, OOH and POS, and using AI adaptive writing that adjusts copy tone to suit individual brands. An earlier version of the platform with email-only functionality launched in 2019.

With no_code™, enterprise business teams can take the reins of their digital marketing efforts in-house, ushering in a new era of creativity, efficiency, and seamless collaboration. What sets no_code™ apart is its core promise of achieving remarkable results without a single line of code or developer assistance.

The no_code™ DCP is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to juggle between platforms during the marketing creation process. With no_code™, marketing teams can seamlessly create, review, and approve all forms of digital marketing, all within a single platform. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency but also allows teams to maintain brand consistency throughout their digital campaigns.

Founder Will Lavender said: “no_code™ seamlessly delivers on all the common challenges that organisations face with in-house creation. Agency quality has never been this accessible.”

Brands that have used no_code to create digital advertising in-house include Virgin Australia and Accent Group.

Key features of no_code™ include:

  • Campaign Creation: no_code™ offers a wide range of tools for digital content creation of email, display, social, POS and OOH—making it easier than ever to craft compelling digital campaigns.
  • Brand Governance: With complete brand guidelines integrated into the platform, no_code™ ensures that the design and tone of voice remain consistent across all digital communication and interfaces.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): no_code™’s DAM is a powerful resource center where teams can access images, videos, audio, master concepts, documents, text, and other digital content, enabling easy deployment across the platform.
  • AI Assistance: no_code™ introduces the AI-Writer, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that enhances the quality and content of copy to suite an individual brand tone-of-voice.
  • Seamless Connectivity: no_code™ effortlessly connects with martech and adtech stacks, configuring all campaign elements and eliminating the need for time-consuming platform switching.

No longer will enterprise businesses be dependent on developers or agencies to execute their digital marketing visions. no_code™ makes it simpler for in-house teams to create, collaborate, and integrate, resulting in high-quality digital campaigns with fewer head hours.

Select organisations with early access have already been trialing no_code™ in their teams day-to-day, Velocity Frequent Flyer being one. “no_code™ stands out as a transformative tool for in-house creation. Within a matter of days, we were seamlessly and successfully able to develop our digital campaigns. Specifically, during a time where we needed to deliver urgent communication to our members, the no_code™ platform provided us with the ability to update our loyal customers promptly and easily, without having to rely on external resources,” said Velocity’s digital producer Milly Haddrick.

“no_code represents a significant step forward in digital marketing. It empowers businesses to take control of their digital campaigns, ensuring a more efficient and brand-consistent approach, all while eliminating the need for coding or developer assistance,” said Clint Bauer, no_code™ chief engineer and visionary at CXTX.


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