How Brands Can Appeal To Both Sides Of Aussie Mums: Yahoo7’s Becky Smith

How Brands Can Appeal To Both Sides Of Aussie Mums: Yahoo7’s Becky Smith

Marketing to Mums is a conference that helps brands sell more effectively to the world’s most powerful consumer and yesterday in Sydney, the event saw experts spilling all their marketing secrets.

That’s right, B&T was at the Mums Marketing Conference yesterday and, despite a last-minute venue change, we’ve made it to Becky Smith’s talk on ‘The Secret Lives of Mumfessionals’.

Smith is head of insights at Yahoo7, so it’s no surprise she has a stack of data on mums balancing their home and professional lives.

According to her, mums can have both a frugal side and a “treat yourself” side – the tricky bit for brands is appealing to both.

“I think supermarkets do a fantastic job at speaking to mums’ frugal sides,” Smith told attendees.

“If we look on the other side, chocolate brands are really great at speaking to that indulgent side. There is no better way a working mother can treat herself than a bit of time alone, and chocolate brands are really great at communicating that.”

But enough about chocolate, because 76 per cent of mums believe keeping themselves and their family healthy is a priority – and they are 10 per cent more likely to put health as a priority than other audiences.

Smith breaks health down into two categories: body and mind. As an audience, mums tend to be very conscious of their appearance, with over 50 per cent wanting to lose weight.

“This audience have been really turning to the digital world to be able to help them maintain appearance, and trying to lose weight and stay healthy,” she said.

“Health Engine is a website where it makes it really convenient to book appointments and get advice. Their website’s up 37 per cent year on year, and their app’s up 116 per cent year on year.”

Weight Watchers is another website doing extremely well with this audience – up almost 50 per cent year on year.

Why are these websites doing so well? Because brands like Health Engine and Weight Watchers succeed in helping mums lose weight or eat healthier foods, ultimately making them happier – even when they see the ads. And if your brand is generating happiness, it’s more likely to succeed.

Smith also points out that mums (as an audience) are more likely to feel stressed through their everyday life – and that brands should offer an emotion (like happiness) in order for mums to properly engage with, and eventually, buy their product.

As a result of being stressed and time-poor, trying to manage a healthy work-life balance, women are “187 per cent more likely to have productivity apps on their phone than the average Australian,” according to Smith.

“But what I think is great for marketers is that they’re 71 per cent more likely to click on online ads, and they’re actually 100 per cent more likely to convert than the average Australian. However, it does have to be relevant,” Smith said.

And relevant content equals engagement, which results in successful brand campaigns.

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