Blackmores Guides People To Mindfulness With Sensors Measuring Brain ‘Waves’

Blackmores Guides People To Mindfulness With Sensors Measuring Brain ‘Waves’

Off the back of its successful ‘Be a Well Being’ movement, Blackmores has put digital agency Holler Australia to work creating an innovative experience for its flagship store.

The end product is ‘The Mindful Ocean’, a wellbeing check-in that has people pop on wearable sensors to experience a moment of mindfulness, and in turn, discover a healthier lifestyle.

Holler worked with Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology Dr. Con Stough to design a system that uses these wearable sensors to measure the brain waves of the wearer.

By translating these brainwaves into a form of oceanic visualisation, The Mindful Ocean allows the wearer to see inside their own mind, with a real-time display of their cognitive wellbeing.

The wearer plays a short meditation game, effectively trying to calm their ‘ocean’ using only their mind, and in the process learns how the mind and body are intrinsically linked.

“These sensors are an incredible tool,” Holler Australia creative director Cyril Louis said. “While The Mindful Ocean is beautiful to look at, its true beauty is in what it reveals about the mind… and in how it uses technology in a way that inspires people to live a healthier life.”

Blackmores Australia and NZ MD David Fenlon added, “Our new flagship store will provide a personalised experience for our customers to take control of and further invest in their health.

“[The Mindful Ocean] gives consumers the opportunity to assess their ability to find mindfulness, and as a result, being to take control of their cognitive wellbeing.”

The Mindful Ocean is now open to the public at the Blackmores Flagship Store at Westfield Bondi Junction.

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