Billboards Target P&G’s Marketing Boss In Response To Fake Ad Claims

Billboards Target P&G’s Marketing Boss In Response To Fake Ad Claims

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has had a less than subtle dig at Proctor & Gamble’s chief brand officer who raised concerns about ad viewability by erecting a massive billboard
directly opposite his office that inferred outdoor numbers couldn’t be faked.

Last week, P&G’s Marc Pritchard raised concerns – reported on B&T – about media agency numbers and digital ad fraud. In response, the OAAA has put up six billboards near P&G’s (the world’s biggest ad spender) headquarters in Cincinnati screaming: “Hey Marc, This ad is real.”

The campaign was created by Partners & Napier in  New York and a spokeswoman for Pritchard admitted her boss had indeed seen the ads. “We agree. The ad is real,” she said.

What the general public – who’d be none the wiser to Pritchard’s comments – made of the campaign is yet to be seen, however, OAAA’s CMO, Stephen Freitas, said it showed how OOH could be very targeted.

“It’s a perfect complement to the digital space, because it’s out there in the real world and can help guide you to some of that digital content,” Freitas said. “It’s also a great use case to say look at how targeted out-of-home can be.”

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