Bigdatr’s Insights Into Marketing Strategies From Industry Leaders During The Holiday Season

Bigdatr’s Insights Into Marketing Strategies From Industry Leaders During The Holiday Season
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As we gear up for another bustling summer season in Australia, advertising around the holidays should be easy because we, marketers, do this every year.

In the wake of a significant 8.8 per cent year-over-year digital shift from  December 2021 to December 2022, largely attributed to post-COVID trends, it’s increasingly vital for marketers to prioritise communicating their unique value proposition.

According to a survey by Finder, even though household spending across the country is projected to reach $30 billion, consumer behaviour is evolving towards more intentional and thoughtful purchasing decisions.

Using Bigdatr’s extensive media value and creative data, we monitored the market as brands adapted new strategies that reflect consumer value.

As anticipated, brands took advantage of the fact that most households start holiday shopping early. Black Friday campaigns went live a month before the event, with creatives released in October by ZipMoney, Samsung and NordVPN. While brands like MYER and Michael Hill, are going back to the principles of marketing to evoke emotion and connection through gift-giving.

The holiday season is not just about consumer spending. This is a golden period for publishers too. In Q2, they experienced a surge in investments from brands advertising for the holiday season, notably Channel 9, Channel 10 and JCDecaux. During Upfront 2024 media owners presented their upcoming content and advertising opportunities to potential advertisers. For 7plus, their plan is to provide more targeted and “non-disruptive” ad placements, making their offerings more attractive for brands expanding their digital presence.

Alcoholic Beverages Industry

In the run-up to the festive period last year, we saw a staggering 81 per cent spike in advertising spend from October to November.

A notable example from last year includes Heineken, which launched its “Cheers to Celebrating” campaign spreading across multiple publishers like QMS, YouTube, Facebook, and Channel 9. Their creative strategy skilfully blended social engagement with responsible drinking messages.

Daniel Ricciardo’s responsible drinking ad gained significant traction and has reappeared this year on BVOD platforms. The ad’s success is further amplified by Ricciardo’s social media presence, where he reacts to the inclusion of “Beerciardo” on the bottle. The “Whatever you call us” campaign includes a digital billboard where Heineken fans submit a nickname they’ve created for the drink, stirring social circles to engage and think about the brand personally.

Competitors like James Squire has opted for a post-work relaxation ritual. Their creative focuses on after work drinks, using the same lingo one might hear in a workplace setting. It’s relatable and seeks to embed the brand within everyday conversations, selling a happy-hour experience centred around their product.

Airlines Industry

Severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has been making aggressive investments to recover and regain momentum. Bigdatr saw an impressive YoY growth for October 2022 and 2023, which stands at 45.5 per cent. Traditionally, airlines like Qantas and Virgin Australia have tailored their advertising strategies according to seasonal patterns.

Since the start of FY24, Virgin Australia’s media investment has been on the rise since August, culminating in a new post-Covid peak. In October, the brand’s estimated spend reached above $3 million, while neither Qantas or Jetstar surpassed the $2 million mark. This indicates a robust recovery strategy and a strong push to capture market share. A timely period to potentially reshape customer perceptions and preferences as domestic and international travel recover.

Communications Industry

On the same day as the Optus outage, a static JCDecaux billboard is seen in Western Australia with a very simple and timely message, “Secured by Telstra”. Not only does it emphasise the reliability of the brand and OOH advertising, but most importantly how fast their marketing team reacted to their top competitor.
Telstra’s 2023 Christmas ad hits the right spot with Aussies. The campaign’s narrative is set in the outback and features the opportunity to call Santa for free at a Telstra telephone booth. This attention to specific cultural ethos and inclusion of regional Australia resonates well with local audiences better than the typical snow-filled Christmas narratives.

Trending Media Channels During the Holidays

It’s essential to determine the optimal advertising channels for your business to reach your target market and gain the best return on investment. In 2022, digital platforms were crucial for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Shopify’s data reflects this trend, with mobile platforms driving 70 per cent of its sales, and a 22.7 per cent increase in consumer activity during this period.

Similarly, on Bigdatr, Media Value Trend Analysis saw advertising investments from offline channels potentially being reallocated to online channels, driven by increased Digital Display, Social and Search advertising over offline channels like Free-to-air TV and OOH. Digital channels attracted advertisers during last year’s holiday season within Department Stores, Restaurants and even the Electricity and Gas Industry.

Keeping up with 2024 marketing trends

Across these industries, there is a clear trend of shifting from traditional advertising methods to more innovative and customer-focused strategies. Bigdatr’s key takeaway is the importance of brand agility and adaptability in creative themes and investment strategies to stay relevant and competitive with each dollar spent on advertising.

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