BBC Weatherman Vomits Live On Air The Morning After The Work Christmas Party

BBC Weatherman Vomits Live On Air The Morning After The Work Christmas Party

A BBC weatherman who once appeared on the front cover of a UK gay magazine (see cover below) has once again grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons after he allegedly vomited while reading the shipping forecast on a radio program.

Tomasz Schafernaker was heard bumbling through his live read before he starts spluttering and is forced to run from the studio. It has been reported in UK media that the unfortunate Schafernaker had overdone it at the BBC Christmas party the evening previous. Check out the on-air chunder below:

The BBC has denied its weatherman was under the weather, however, Schafernaker took to social media to confess he had indeed brought-up breakfast. “Thanks for all the messages asking how I am this morning,” he wrote. “Let me assure you that all is well. During the early morning shipping forecast I felt a bout of sickness coming on so I had to quickly jump ship and my colleague stepped in. Apologies for any distraction!”

And Schafernaker’s famed gay cover from 2010:


It’s not the first time Schafernaker’s had an on-air faux pas either. The weatherman – who was once voted the best weather presenter in Britain – famously gave a colleague the finger while the cameras were rolling in the mistaken belief he was off-air at the time. Check out that gesture below…


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