Bazaarvoice Redefines The Shopping Experience With New AI-Powered Features

Bazaarvoice Redefines The Shopping Experience With New AI-Powered Features
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Bazaarvoice has introduced three new capabilities powered by Bazaarvoice HarmonyAI, the intelligent engine fuelling all of the company’s current and upcoming AI-driven capabilities.

“It was beyond helpful how it automatically inserts captions that work well with our Instagram page. Everything worked amazingly with the right number of hashtags and emojis. This feature saves time and eliminates the process of creating a caption,” said Stacey Ocegueda, customer service at Manna Kadar Beauty.

New HarmonyAI-enhanced capabilities within Bazaarvoice products include:

  • Creator Discovery is an affable creator marketing solution that helps social media and marketing teams quickly and easily find the right creators to work with when they simply enter text, images, or mood boards into a search query. Then, AI meticulously analyzes the query, recommending creators that fit their requirements, saving them the time of searching manually.
  • Photo Captions for Instagram™ for Social Commerce, which enables social media managers to create photo captions and hashtags for brand-owned social posts easier and faster. This solution is unique because the AI analyses not only product tags and captions from the brand’s recent posts, but also the photos in those posts. It then automatically generates highly personalised photo captions that match the brand’s tone and voice, reducing the burden on the social media manager.
  • Content Coach for Influenster community members and campaigns, which helps to guide Bazaarvoice’s Influenster community of over 8.5 million global members to create higher-quality content through AI-powered suggestions on review topics and gamifying the review-writing experience. The large community size that Bazaarvoice is able to tap into helps train these AI models quickly by providing a wealth of data to power even greater accuracy and more helpful guidance. Consumers end up with less pressure that may come from writing a review, helping to drive up review quality and quantity.

Bazaarvoice HarmonyAI was developed with brands, retailers, shoppers, and consumers in mind. It enhances the shopping experience by leveraging billions of data points to deliver relevant content to consumers effectively, enhancing their enjoyment. Additionally, it enables brands and retailers to allocate more time to other priorities by automating certain tasks through AI-driven solutions.

“At Bazaarvoice, we’ve spent almost two decades compiling the largest dataset of shopper content imaginable, making our HarmonyAI engine the most intelligent AI in the space,” said Marissa Jones, SVP of product at Bazaarvoice. “Our AI-powered capabilities give our clients time back, allowing them to work smarter, have smoother cross-functional collaboration, uncover actionable insights, and increase sales. Our goal is to harmonise our customers’ tech stack and support seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences to help our brands and retailers achieve accelerated performance, all without compromising brand trust or safety”.

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