Bakers Delight Sparks Up 3am Banter With New Easter Campaign Via McCann Melbourne

Bakers Delight Sparks Up 3am Banter With New Easter Campaign Via McCann Melbourne

Baker’s Delight has launched its 2019 Easter campaign with McCann Melbourne through a nostalgic early morning ‘freshly baked at 3am’ commercial series, which celebrates the charm and magic that comes to life in the bakery.

The first commercial in the series launches two new characters for the brand, two bakers whose imaginations run away with them in the early hours of the morning.

Dedicated to their passion for all things baking, the two bakers find themselves deliberating on the world around them.

McCann Melbourne creative director, Andrew Woodhead said: “This new series of Bakers Delight Easter ads maintain the cheeky and playful tone set by the 3am brand campaign.

“It aims to establish a new platform that highlights their baker’s dedication to freshness and enables the brand to highlight its evolving product range.”

Group account director, Lynn Chinnock said: “It was a pleasure to partner with Bakers Delight for Easter, their biggest season of the year, as they continue to push the boundaries with a fresh twist for the season.”

Bakers Delight head of marketing, Jodi Murray-Freedman said: “The new 3am creative provides the Bakers Delight brand with greater flexibility and enables us to create a fun series of ads which will assist us to talk about the breadth and depth of our range throughout the year.”

Bakers Delight (Client)
Nicolas Georges – General Manager for Growth and Innovation
Jodi Murray-Freedman – Head of Retail & Advertising
Viktoria Ozerova – Campaign Manager
Myshkah Young – Marketing Coordinator
Cadbury (Partner Client)
Alexandra Kevork – Brand Manager
Meaghan Brodie – Marketing Manager
The Otto Empire (Production Company)
Tim Potter – Director
Jo de Fina – Executive Producer
Giordi Caputo – Producer
McCann Melbourne – Creative
Andrew Woodhead – Creative Director
Aaron Lipson – Associate Creative Director
Jono Aidney – Copywriter
Gabe Woodmansey – Art Director
McCann Melbourne – Production
Cinnamon Darvall – Head of Broadcast
McCann Melbourne – Accounts
Lynn Chinnock – Group Account Director
Sarah Robertshaw – Account Director
Cherry Stevens – Account Executive

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