Rebecca Wilson

I used to run a marketing business called Stretch Marketing and I loved it. For more than ten years I found passion in guiding other business leaders and leadership teams in their marketing strategies as an external adviser, driving implementation and making businesses achieve success in both market penetration, and earnings growth. I trained teams, structured plans and drove their success. In doing so I learned an enormous amount about people, processes, implementation, leadership and money and worked with an awesome collection of clients nationwide. Then I started Starts at 60, a project that has become my passion. In Starts at 60 I use everything I have learned and more to bring the Baby Boomer the most engaged digital environment in the Australian, New Zealand and expanding markets. They love it and I love being able to build it as a considerate, ethical, community oriented media and mixed-channel business that has the power to be very different in the media and associated markets. We're different and it is not just lip-service. We put the community first, giving more than 380 bloggers a voice online. We deliver first class media, in real time, relevantly to an audience that is massively underserved or mis-served in digital and we do it with respect, always. And we have really powerful conversations - in a very different way to other media. I'm lucky... Every day I have the opportunity to work with an amazing, engaged and interactive online community of over 1.7 million people (Jan 16); an inspiring team of writers and social media specialists, clever developers, smart commercial team members and a great board to grow something special. It is a privilege to chase your dreams when they look like this.
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