Australia’s Internet Speed Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks Says Global Survey

Australia’s Internet Speed Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks Says Global Survey

Gripes about Australia’s internet speeds versus the rest of the world are largely unfounded says a new global study. That said, we’re not in the top 10 countries when it comes to speed.

A report by the International Telecommunication Union into global speeds has the wily South Koreans continuing to dominate the number one spot.

Australia ranked 13th overall and was actually improved two spots when the survey was last conducted in 2010.  (It should be noted that Australia ranked 44th globally in another, unrelated survey released in January this year by US tech firm Akamai.)

The top five countries were South Korea, Denmark, Iceland, the UK and Sweden. With European nations dominating the top 10.

The survey ranks each country via an IDI rating which takes into account speed, bandwidth, volume of fixed internet subscriptions per 100 people and the number of households who’ve taken up the connection. That gives each nation a final score of 10. Australia scored a better than average 8.29.

How Australia fares once the NB is rolled out is anyone’s guess but is expected to markedly improve.

And the nation with the worst internet connection according to the International Telecommunication Union survey? It’s the poor folk of the central African nation of Chad. It’s so bad it even gets beat by the likes of Cuba, Afghanistan and Ethiopia.

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