Aussie Wine Label The First Wine Brand To Run A Super Bowl Ad In 40 Years

Aussie Wine Label The First Wine Brand To Run A Super Bowl Ad In 40 Years

Beer brands usually rule the roost at the Super Bowl, but this year, Australian wine label, Yellow Tail, is getting in on the fun, kicking off its multiyear marketing campaign with a 30-second spot in the first half of the game.

The Yellow Tail ad features a yellow-suited man known as ‘Yellow Tail Man’, and a kangaroo as the stars of the ad, which was created by Burns Group. It will be watched by 80 per cent of the US when aired at the Super Bowl.

Enjoying the beverage at the beach, on a rooftop and at a BBQ, Yellow Tail Man and his sidekick roo show us what the wine label stands for.

Check it out here:

According to Burns Group founder, Mike Burns, the brand was able to circumvent the Anheuser-Busch’s exclusive alcohol category ad rights for the Super Bowl by using a regional ad.

Burns said, “We’re using comedy to show that this wine is really fun to drink—to show that of the 5,000 wine brands in the space, Yellow Tail is the one that’s associated with fun.”

Burns added that, other than the A-B exclusive alcohol rights, most wine labels steer clear of the Super Bowl because they don’t have the national distribution that Yellow Tail does.

“A wide base of Yellow Tail’s consumers will be a part of the mass audience watching the Super Bowl,” he said.

“Thirty million households serve wine during the game, so it seemed like a brand in the wine category that stands for fun and sociability deserves a place in the Super Bowl.”


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