Atomic 212° And TubeMogul Ink Strategic Cross-Platform Partnership

Atomic 212° And TubeMogul Ink Strategic Cross-Platform Partnership

Atomic 212° and TubeMogul recently inked a cross-platform partnership, with the aim of the strategic match up to allow for planning, execution and measurement of cross-screen campaigns to enhance client performance and agency productivity.

B&T caught up with TubeMogul managing director, Sam Smith (pictured right), and Atomic 212° head of media technology, Tom Sheppard (left), to learn about the need for such a partnership.

“We were looking for a best in class video and programmatic partner and Sam’s name came up quite a few times,” Sheppard explained.

“Being a full service media agency, having a partner that can touch all mediums and all screens is really important and that’s what stood out from our perspective.”

Smith added, “Not many businesses understand that we have an agency strategy and we offer our technology to be licensed by agencies that really value the technology.

“So this is a really good example of a client that did an enormous amount of due diligence on the product and the products that are being offered, and looked at the roadmap, and decided to maximise reach and control frequency.

“When you have a business partner that really values the software, the relationship moves much further into a strategic one rather than a transactional one, and that allows us to open a whole heap of opportunities in the future.”

Smith insisted that programmatic software “at its heart” should be driving workflow efficiency, and this was something that was very attractive from Atomic’s perspective.

“As you start to build out a product portfolio of all the other different disciplines that existed at Atomic, particularly social, and in the future television, but also display, video, and everything else, you start to see the benefit of having all things unified in one platform with independent verification, more data sets, etc.”

Sheppard claimed, “The workflow is definitely a plus for the agency, but I think for our clients, the increase in reach and becoming more efficient is going to save the clients dollars and we can reinvest that and drive more results for them.

“The agency has become more efficient and streamlined so we can go to market and deliver campaigns at a faster rate, but also from the client’s perspective as well is that we’re adding more value by getting more media at a cheaper rate, which allows us to get more exposure for them.”

For Smith, having a “siloed execution” means you’re not as efficient as you can be in reaching your audience.

“The efficiency in the return of the investment from a client’s perspective, there’s a heap of efficiency to be gained by unifying everything in one place,” he said.

The partnership kicked off this quarter, with the pair admitting results are already flowing thick and fast from happy clients.

“It’s been a really swift development of the relationship,” Smith said.

“The idea is that they license the technology so it’s a self serve model, so they can take control of the software and they can start to develop the disciplines around test and learn of the media trading.”

“TubeMogul is also training the staff, so there’s official accreditation for our staff to get,” Sheppard added.

“Not only are they working at a cool agency, but they’re getting accredited for it. On the paid search site, for example, people are getting their Adword certificate and they’re getting a seal of approval from TubeMogul so that’s great for their own personal growth.”

“What you do with staff is you set them up so they can put their fingers on the keyboard and they can execute straight away,” Smith said.

“But software continually evolves, so the job of TubeMogul is to continually help the teams at Atomic to navigate through the new technology and software so they can be better at their jobs, better at delivering outcomes for clients, better at solving problems for their clients.”


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