He’s Back! Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars In Riotous Electric Car Anti-Ad

He’s Back! Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars In Riotous Electric Car Anti-Ad

Getting gas-lovin’ Americans to switch to electric cars is no easy feat and a new spot starring none other than Hollywood royalty, Arnold Schwarzenegger, aims to show the difficulties in choosing an environmentally-friendly hybrid.

Arnie is the star of a new spot for Veloz, a coalition of electric car industry stakeholders who aim to inform the public of the benefit to driving electric cars via a riotous, fly-on-the-wall skit called “Kicking Gas”.

The 71-year-old veteran actor stars as sleazy used cars salesman Howard Kleiner who does his very best to turn well-meaning customers back to the virtues of big, polluting petrol-powered cars. In the process, Arnie manages to dredge-up a number of lines and clichés from his formidable action back catalogue.

Arnie’s work is is part of a larger public awareness effort for Veloz called “Electric for All” and is the work of an LA-based agency headed by prominent Hollywood TV producers and directors pushing for a greener future.

Check out Arnie in action below:

Commenting on the spot, Schwarzenegger – a longtime environmental activist and clean-energy proponent – said: “Over 16 years ago, I set out to prove that you can have the car you love and the clear air you need.

“I greened my fleet of personal cars, including my Hummers. And I challenged the auto industry to do the same. They now have the electric vehicle technology to outcompete gas-powered cars.”

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