Apple’s Latest Battery Product Gets Social Media Beatdown

Apple’s Latest Battery Product Gets Social Media Beatdown

Instead of creating an iPhone which has longer battery life, Apple has unveiled an iPhone6 and 6s smart phone battery attachment which will set you back AUD$165.

According to the product page: “The Smart Battery Case is engineered specifically for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, to give you even longer battery life and protection. The soft microfibre lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone, while the soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on and take it off again. On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand.”

Apple doesn’t explicitly specify the battery capacity information, but claims the product can can increase talk times up to 25 hours, Internet browsing up to 18 hours on LTE, and audio and video playback up to 20 hours. 

The product has been called a “design embarrassment”, the “battle of the bulge”, a “love hump” and a cheap knockoff.

This isn’t the first time an Apple product has been pitch-slapped by the public; when Apple launched its $99 ‘Pencil’ stylus accessory for the new iPad Pro the crowd was heard laughing during the presentation and Twitter had a similar response

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