Alone Australia: The Smelliest Show On TV Has Released A Cologne

Alone Australia: The Smelliest Show On TV Has Released A Cologne

It might not be for a first date, but B&T loves the concept behind the Alone Cologne. SBS Chief marketing and commercial officer Jane Palfreyman explains how it came about.

SBS is hitting good runs with this campaign. Not only is it about to launch the second season of Alone Australia, a runaway success story last year, it’s jumping into season two with merch that attract folks whether you like it, or not.

Welcome to the Alone Cologne: “The scent is built around the idea of ‘an ode to odour’, designed to be a riot of untamed, unforgiving and unpleasant notes to transport those who smell it into the wild and untamed world experienced by the series participants.”

B&T can confirm this was not a concept based on Gina Chick’s pits after winning the first season of the hit show.

“We’re always trying to find unique ways to both connect with audiences but also connect with the real premise of the show. And what you see with this idea is, yes, it’s playful but, the whole premise of the show is placing people in an environment that is really unfiltered and raw and challenging,” SBS chief marketing and commercial officer Jane Palfreyman said.

“What we love about this idea is that it really connected with that idea of people surviving, in some pretty stunning, but hostile and challenging environments. And that’s why we thought this idea really brought that idea to life.”

The scent, which B&T is led to believe is at the Black Panther level from Anchorman (see ad above), was created in partnership with the marketing agency Jack Nimble.

“Jack Nimble prides itself on creating social-first ideas that get the internet talking, and now we can call ourselves perfume makers as well,” said Adam Wise, ECD at Jack Nimble.

“Creating the scent was a super collaborative process with the team at SBS. Together we smelled some truly horrible smells, but we bottled them up into a scent that truly captures the essence of survival.” 

Beyond the campaign, Alone Australia series two is highly anticipated. Season one broke all expectations from an audience and BVOD perspective,.


“I think with this show, that jeopardy and the wonderful human and poignant stories, the delightfulness of sitting on your couch, surrounded by your loved ones and thinking about what strategies you might employ or do things differently survive. I think all those sort of secret ingredients have made it not only a BVOD success, but a linear success as well.

“And I think we saw reach at around 1.2 million people watching, which was really pleasing.”

Alone Australia will air onWednesday 27 March at 7.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand. Ten Australian survivalists will be dropped into the extreme and wild terrain of New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu), where they must try and survive alone for as long as possible.

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