ALDI Products Within Best Brands For 2015: Report

ALDI Products Within Best Brands For 2015: Report

Two of ALDI’s products have been included within the top ten brands for 2015*. At least, that’s according to analytical and research firm Canstar Blue.

The brands were rated on their overall customer satisfaction based on the thoughts of 27,000 adults over the course of this year.

“We produced customer satisfaction ratings in almost 100 different categories this year, from pizza stores and diet shakes to refrigerators and electricity providers. But these 10 brands stand out from the rest,” said head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle.

“The big challenge facing retailers, service providers and manufacturers is striking a winning balance between product quality and price. The importance of good customer service also shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Many of these brands compete in hugely competitive markets, particularly those in the FMCG space that are facing huge pressure in the supermarket price war. But consumers are only interested in getting the best bang for their buck – and these 10 brands are the highest rated of the year.”

See the full list below of the top ten rated brands, in alphabetical order.

Image sourced via Canstar Blue

Image sourced via Canstar Blue

Doyle noted that although consumers don’t want to pay a buttload of money, they’re willing to fork out a bit more if they’re happy with the brand.

“At a time when retailers are competing to offer the lowest prices, these results show that getting the best value for money doesn’t always mean buying what’s cheapest,” she said. “Miele and Bose are examples of consumers seeing the long-term benefit of buying premium household or personal appliances that will provide great value over a number of years.

“The likes of Dick Smith jam and Obela dip are also some of the more expensive products in their categories, but consumers are happy to pay for that extra quality. In the case of Blooms, Teachers Mutual and Westnet, we also see the importance and value of quality customer service coming to the fore.”

“We congratulate these 10 brands for their achievements in 2015.”

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