AdRoll’s Prospecting Is Evidence Of Cloud Crowds Morphing Into Digital Economies

AdRoll’s Prospecting Is Evidence Of Cloud Crowds Morphing Into Digital Economies

As cloud service providers build huge global crowds of digital consumers a very interesting phenomenon is starting to emerge. The ecosystem of customers created within those clouds are starting to engage directly with one another turning the cloud crowds into self contained economies. It is very early days, and yet the signals are getting stronger each month.

This week global retargeting platform AdRoll is inviting its clients to take a sneak peak at its AdRoll Prospecting tool, a new product to aid in customer acquisition.It works by enabling advertisers to pool their first-party customer data, thus creating a massive set of potential customers called the AdRoll IntentMap.

The move is more evidence of marketing tech and ad tech vendors starting to build peer to peer economic models into their clouds and crowds.

Adobe for instance will enable its Creative Cloud users to sell each other photo imagery, while Netsuite has negotiated a “whole-of-of crowd” deal with one of its clients – American Express – to create a corporate travel cost rate for all 25000 of Netsuite’s ERP cloud customers .

For its part, AdRoll says its IntentMap is the largest pool of first-party data. Already over 1,000 advertisers opted in and those involved range from SMBs to large enterprises.

This gives participating companies access to a diverse set of more than a billion anonymous user profiles the company says.

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“Once an advertiser has opted-in to participate in the AdRoll IntentMap, Prospecting goes to work by targeting net new users that have similar behavioral patterns to the business’ existing customers. When a person is in the market for one product, they are often a good candidate for other complementary products,” according to Adam Berke, AdRoll president and CMO (pictured above).

The combination of high-intent, first-party data and powerful predictive algorithms delivered strong performance results for initial customers, he said.

“Advertisers using Prospecting saw on average a 10 per cent increase in engagement from those users compared to organic traffic.”

Karl Newlin, PPC marketing specialist at ZenPayroll said, Our experience to date with AdRoll Prospecting has been great. We target small businesses and AdRoll has been able to deliver us high quality leads right from the start of our campaign.”

Prospecting exceeded Zenroll’s cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal, said Newlin, but more importantly the new audiences generated by these campaigns see an eight-time click-through-rate (CTR) on retargeting campaigns compared to other sources. The big benefit of Prospecting is the unique data set, which allowed us to easily reach our niche of potential customers in a way we couldn’t with other platforms.”

According to Nerke, the launch of Prospecting transforms AdRoll into a full funnel performance advertising platform

“This launch represents a new chapter in AdRoll’s mission of helping performance advertisers.”

“When diversified first-party data is pooled at scale, our entire network benefits with better performance and incremental new customers,” he said.

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