New logo unveiled as Livestrong looks beyond Lance

New logo unveiled as Livestrong looks beyond Lance

Livestrong Foundation executive vice-president of operations, Andy Miller, late last month charted an assertive vision for the foundation's path forward on behalf of those living with a cancer diagnosis, and unveiled its new logo.

Quipping that “I think I am on safe ground to say that the past year did not go as planned”, Miller asserted that the foundation would “defintiely survive” and that since it currently had “the world’s attention”, now was the right time to showcase the great work being done by the foundation.

Fittingly of the troubled times for the foundation, Miller delivered the remarks in place of Foundation president and CEO Doug Ulman, whose arrival in Chicago was delayed due to weather. Miller outlined strong 2012 results for the Foundation, announced robust, ambitious goals for programmatic expansion in 2013 and beyond, and reaffirmed the organisation's commitment to helping those affected by cancer today to deal strongly with the practical, emotional and financial challenges they face.

Of the new logo, Miller said that the new logo was a natural next step in the Foundation’s evolution and is intended to provide the Foundation's corporate and marketing partners ‚Äë and the public ‚Äë with an unmistakable way of communicating that buying LIVESTRONG-branded gear or supporting the foundation equates to helping those affected by cancer right now.

“The change is subtle, but it is substantive. The positioning of the bars suggests forward and dynamic movement,” he said.

A full transcript to the ‘State of the Foundation’ address and video is available at

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