Libs new campaign falls foul of auto captions

Libs new campaign falls foul of auto captions


The Liberal Party has launched its latest campaign setting out five pillars for the future of Australia as they see it, although it has also fallen foul of the YouTube auto captioning system.

Earlier captioning commentator Michael Lockrey criticised brands for failing to check the auto captions on their videos, which often produce unfortunate translations, but can be switched off by administrators.

A line in the 60-second spot telling people to “download their copy today” reads “damage your company that time today” in the captions, an unfortunate slip for an economy-focused message.

The ad is supposed to mark the start of a new positive campaign from the Liberal party, after many commentators had criticised them and Labor for continual negative tactics in parliament.

This year sees the much-anticipated general election this year, with many business leaders hoping to see a return to a one party government to increase economic stability.

The minute-long spot sees opposition leader Tony Abbott talking directly to the camera about the Liberal’s new plan, with descriptive images playing next to him.

 In it Abbott refers to five pillars of Australian economy the party wants to build on, including manufacturing, education, mining, agriculture, services and education.

It comes as Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has launched a $40m consultation on the future of the digital economy in Australia, looking to add an extra $4bn to the sector by 2025.

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