Apple fans put September 10 in the diary

Apple fans put September 10 in the diary

Apple is set to release two new phones on September 10, including the cheaper iPhone which tech blogs have dubbed the iPhone 5C.

Multiple reports say the tech giant will unveil its cheaper handset – expected to feature a plastic casing – and an updated version of the iPhone5.

The new iPhone5 is expected to be called iPhone5s and may feature a fingerprint scanner in place of the traditional passcode.

Other updates include improved battery life and camera as well as a faster processor.

The cheaper handset has been keenly anticipated for over 6 months.

In January, two mobile experts told B&T a price-reduced iPhone would boost Apple’s penetration into developing countries where desire to own Apple is high but the price tag is prohibitive.

If consumers take to Apple’s cheaper handset the tech-giants desirable consumer base may be “diluted”, a fact marketers need to be aware of, according to BigMobile’s Graham Christie.

 “If you are driving brand campaigns or mobile marketing and Apple consumer is always going to be more attractive than an Android user,” Christie explained.

“And that is because they are probably more affluent and slightly older.

“It will be interesting to see – if a cheaper iPhone does come to bear – and it attacks different segments of consumers, whether that mantle of the premium base is diluted.”

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