The 4 ‘Rs’ Of Content Marketing For Social Media

The 4 ‘Rs’ Of Content Marketing For Social Media

Having trouble scaling your content when it comes to marketing on social media? A new report by Marketo has outlined the four principles (or ‘Rs’) you should follow in order to create the content you need while maximising the value of your team and saving money.

The report, titled The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing, notes that like many other aspects of marketing, social media marketing requires content to fuel many of the conversations and interactions that brands want to have, and you may need to get creative in how you resource your team and create that content.

Brian Fanzo, founder and CEO of iSocial Fanz LLC, provides the perfect example.

“When you create a great video or blog that resonates with your audience, too often marketers stop there,” he explains.

“For example, if you have a great Facebook Live video, take the best one-minute clip and share it on Instagram.”

Fanzo’s example echoes the principles of Marketo’s four Rs:

  1. Reorganise

To maximise your efficiency, Marketo’s report recommends using sections of the same piece of content to create smaller breakout pieces.

“For example, you could break up an infographic into different visuals (such as important stats and charts) to share on your social channels and include a link to the full infographic in your caption,” the report says.

  1. Re-write

The report also points out that social media marketers can extend their investment when creating content by using the content that already exists.

“Take a look at your content library and determine where you can pull relevant information from,” it says.

“Even if an asset is outdated, there may still be relevant takeaways that your audience will find valuable.”

  1. Retire

While an abundance of content is great, Marketo believes that sometimes it’s best to remove content that’s outdated.

“Perhaps it no longer has relevant information, is underperforming, or was created for a particular event or moment in time that’s passed,” the report says.

“Social media sharing is instantaneous, and the last thing you want to do is make your brand appear out of the loop.”

  1. Re-design

In some cases, all your content needs is a fresh design, according to Marketo.

“Your asset can feel old because the creative visuals are no longer on trend,” the report says.

“Alternatively, you can take an existing asset and design it differently to make it relevant for a segment of your audience or certain personas.”

If you’re looking to learn more on how to create a winning social media strategy, download the full report by Marketo here.

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