10 Years On: 2013 30 Under 30 Awards Presented By Vevo Winner Jim Curtis Discusses Adland’s Evolution

10 Years On: 2013 30 Under 30 Awards Presented By Vevo Winner Jim Curtis Discusses Adland’s Evolution
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It’s that time of year again! B&T’s 30 Under 30 Awards presented by Vevo are fast approaching and in anticipation of the night of nights, we’re chatting to the winners of 2013.

10 years on and the former winners have flourished in the industry, climbing up the ladder to find themselves in the c-suites of some of Australia’s most prestigious agencies.

So these superstars have returned to B&T a decade later to discuss the ever-evolving nature of adland and shed light on the importance of our 30 Under 30 Awards presented by Vevo.

Kicking off our interview series is Jim Curtis, the national chief creative at Clemenger BBDO, to share the wisdom that’s taken him from his position when he won his award, senior copywriter at DDB, to the top of the industry. Read on to find out more!

B&T: What category did you apply for?

Jim Curtis: I can’t exactly remember, but I suspect it just would have been under ‘advertising.’

B&T: What inspired you to apply?

JC: Gaining recognition is very important for young creatives trying to gain a foothold in the industry. I remember seeing the list in previous years and marking it down as something to aim for.

B&T: In the short term, how did winning the award impact your career?

JC: When it comes to creatives, your work is the ultimate decider of which direction your career is heading. However, awards such as this can be a helpful confidence booster, motivator to keep working hard and an opportunity to meet other like-minded people at your level in the industry.

B&T: What’s something you particularly like about how adland has changed over the past decade?

JC: The creative toolkit which is now available to engage an audience is amazing. Today, the best brands are more willing to break free of predetermined media plans in favour of creating a TV show, a podcast, a product, an activation etc. It’s harder than ever to cut through the clutter, but we also have more tools for the job.

B&T: Where does adland still have room for improvement?

JC: Compared to some other markets around the world, Australia has quite a narrow set of pathways into the industry. The pathways we have are fantastic, but we need to continue working to create more to more parts of the community.

B&T: What message do you have for this year’s entrants?

JC: Talent is a myth created by people who don’t want you to catch them. Ultimately, it’s you who will decide how hard you want to work, and therefore, how much you want to achieve. If you make the list this year, it’s a tough industry, so make sure you enjoy the moment. If you don’t make the list, have a short memory and move on. Your next opportunity will already be waiting for you on your desk.

Get started on your entry HERE, as the deadline for submissions (Friday, 27 January 2023) will be here before you know it. You can download the criteria for each category HERE.

However, you MUST be under the age of 30 on the day of the event (Wednesday 29 March) to be in the running. So, be sure to include your ID and profile photo with your entry.

Oh, and please save your entry in a Word doc in case so many of you jump onto the awards portal that it crashes. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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