Yes, It’s A Rick And Morty Old Spice Ad!

Yes, It’s A Rick And Morty Old Spice Ad!

The hottest cartoon on the planet right now is Rick And Morty, although B&T admits no one over the age of about 24 would know it or anyone without kids.

It follows the manic adventures of a deranged mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his easily terrified grandson Morty Smith. It actually started out as a spoof of the Back To The Future films.

Anyway, the duo has done an ad, of sorts, for Old Spice deodorant. In true Rick And Morty spirit it’s utterly odd and clearly aimed at the 18-24-year-old male bracket that would be the show’s core.

Apparently, the show’s producers were unprepared by the global fame of their little cartoon and are rushing to monetise it any way they can. Check out the shenanigans below:

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