Yes, Marmite-Scented Lynx Body Wash & Spray Is Actually A Thing

Yes, Marmite-Scented Lynx Body Wash & Spray Is Actually A Thing

The grooming product of just about every teenage boy on the planet – Lynx – has launched its latest fragrance and it’s undoubtedly one of the oddest (or bravest?) yet.

The brand’s Africa range has teamed-up with none other than the UK’s version of Vegemite, Marmite, to launch a spray and body wash that apparently smells like the famous salty toast spread.

The new Lynx Africa and Marmite toiletries feature notes of lavandin, white moss and green herbs, alongside woody profiles of sandalwood and cedarwood – all underpinned by a good old salty dash of Marmite.

And no it’s not some bad joke either, the product actually exists and will go on sale in the UK as of this Wednesday.

The the 150ml body spray will retail for £3.65 ($A6.57) and the 250ml body wash will be priced at £2.84 ($A5.10).

Commenting on the bizarre combination Lynx brand manager, James Brooks, said: “By combining two iconic legends that have shaped dating and breakfast culture across the nation, we have created a product like no other that is sure to get lovers and haters spreading the news.

“We’ve created the scent for all the lovers, whether that’s Lynx or Marmite, but with the controversial nature of the spread, believe it also might help in keeping the haters at arm’s length,” Lynx said.

Arguably, the marriage of breakfast spreads with rival products is nothing new.

In 2017, Cadbury famously launched a Vegemite version of its glass-and-a-half chocolate bar here in Australia.

Sadly, the salty, caramel chocolate proved a fizzer with consumers and the “limited-edition” bar proved even more limited than its makers had hoped.

There was even been reports at the time that Cadbury had failed to get the corrent licensing rights to use the Vegemite logo on its wrappers which hastened the hybrid chocolate’s demise.







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