Woolies Shoppers In Tirade Over “Offensive” Prawns Labelled “Not To Be Used For Bait”

Woolies Shoppers In Tirade Over “Offensive” Prawns Labelled “Not To Be Used For Bait”

Woolworths is facing backlash from consumers over a controversial label on its Thawed Green Prawn cutlets.

The label in question, which was photographers by a shopper and since gone viral, advertises Woolworth’s new special on the prawn cutlets.

It says the prawns are a “Product of China” and are “Not to be used for bait”, which has caused quite a stir amongst consumers.

The store’s warning follows the Australian government’s environmental regulations, considering seafood could introduce diseases into our water systems.

However, shoppers were not having a bar of it, calling for Woolworths to sell “only sell Australian prawns”.

One person wrote on social media: “Woolies selling Chinese imported prawns, which are not fit to be used as bait but apparently ‘ok’ for Australians to eat.”

“Shame on you Woolworths,” said another.

One wrote: “You shouldn’t be selling fresh produce from China, let alone clearly not good enough for fish to eat! This was in Woolworths!”

“Australia is surrounded by the oceans and we have the best fish. I would really like to be able to find easy access to our own fresh first quality seafood, but it seems very hard. And really, fish from China? No thanks,” said another.

Another added: “Not good enough Woolies. Australian please.”

A spokesperson for Woolworths responded to the backlash, as said the supermarket is a “big supporter” of Australian prawn producers, and that around three-quarters of its prawn range behind the seafood counter is either wild-caught or farmed locally.




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