Woodstock Bourbon ‘Goes Alright’ In New Spots Via Cummins&Partners

Woodstock Bourbon ‘Goes Alright’ In New Spots Via Cummins&Partners

Woodstock Bourbon has launched a major integrated campaign via Cummins&Partners to support its new packaging redesign and product launch for Easy Roller Bourbon with Ginger Beer.

The ‘Goes Alright’ campaign celebrates authenticity and down-to-earth characters by straight-talking amazing inventions that tackle some of life’s greatest problems – telemarketers, shared accommodation, housemate chores and the like.

The campaign consists of five videos set amongst a group of flatmates, where one of them trains a sulphur-crested cockatoo to talk to telemarketers, builds a remote-control for real life, housetrains the new household pet, showcases his substantial ice sculpture skills, and even solves human cloning.

They deliver some levity into the mostly serious dark pre-mix category, giving a fresh spin on the well-loved Woodstock Bourbon.

In one of Woodstock’s largest marketing and media campaigns, the campaign will be run primarily online via YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, and will be further supported by outdoor and social media.

Michael Edmonds, general manager of marketing at Asahi Premium Beverages, said: “We wanted to build some fun into the brand and believe the ‘Goes Alright’ campaign and how it connects to every-day Australians is ideal for Woodstock.

“It’s a great vehicle to bring our new packaging and Easy Roller product to market, and has been really well received by consumers and trade alike.”

Cummins&Partners CEO Chris Jeffares said: “This category takes itself a little too seriously, so we decided not to. Woodstock has always liked to poke a bit of fun, and we had a lot of fun doing that again.

“The talent, performances and a production partner that really gets the audience and mediums made for a great collaboration.”

Cummins&Partners developed the campaign with production company Second Draft.


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