“We Could’ve Had Better Cooks!” Manu Feildel Gets Real About My Kitchen Rules

“We Could’ve Had Better Cooks!” Manu Feildel Gets Real About My Kitchen Rules

Manu Feildel has opened up about Seven’s latest My Kitchen Rules (MKR) season and the future of reality television cooking.

Sydney Confidential reported that Feildel admitted he wasn’t impressed with the talent in the latest season of MKR. He said: “Without being an asshole, I think we could’ve had some better cooks,” he said.

He also added, “People have got to be more experienced, real foodies.”

It’s no secret that Seven’s My Kitchen Rules has failed to produce the usual ratings you’d expect from a show that used to be so huge. It’s been simmering around the 400,000 mark most nights, and its finale drew in over 650,000 viewers.

But you also have to remember two things. It’s a show that has managed to survive and still does pretty well, considering it cut ties with judge Pete Evans that helped it become so successful, and it’s still managing some pretty solid numbers when you add in BVOD.

However, if you compare it to Nine’s The Block, it isn’t in the same kitchen.

But perhaps this is less about MKR and more about cooking shows in general. It’s no secret that MasterChef isn’t cooking up the same numbers that it used to.

Feildel also admitted that he didn’t know if Australians were still craving cooking reality television content. He said: “I’m not sure if there’s an appetite for more.”

While, there’s been no formal announcement that MKR might not return next season, nor have there been any big rumours swirling.

Feildel made it clear he is at peace with whatever the outcome is and said: “I thought two years ago it was the end of my TV career, and I was happy either way.

“Frankly, I’ve had a ball. If it continues, I’d be happy to keep going. But you know, there’s an end to everything at the end of the day.”

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